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District 6 Re-Launched With A New Management

Have you ever walked into a place and fallen in love with the smell of the place? Of course, this happens with mostly bakehouses, but this time I fell in love with the smell of a brewery. Yes, a Micro-Brewery. District 6, Orion Mall, has been re-launched with the new management Kraft Properties, Bangalore.

District 6 is located on the ground floor of the Sheraton Hotel, allowing diners to enjoy a craft beer while surrounded by the brewing equipment. The brewery features open-air ducts and brewing equipment. Brew House is in the centre of the restaurant, giving it an industrial, modern look. This brewery is divided into six groups: a beer tank area, a brewery area, an outdoor seating area, a front kitchen, public and private dining spaces.

Inspired by the imported German tanks that make up the brew pub’s heart, the elegant interior is the Japanese design team M-style work. Various textures such as wood panels, logs, and brick columns make the space feel warm and inviting. It’s the perfect place to quench the thirst for beer, be it summer, winter or monsoon.

Brewer World got an opportunity to speak to the new management about the beers and the Oktoberfest 2021 and below are the excerpts.

Why did you decide to buy District 6?

To be frank, we were regular guests, and we really enjoyed the beers here. District 6 is one of the places in Bangalore where you get authentic German beers. During the COVID-19 lockdown, we learned that this place was up for sale and we purchased. The main reason why we bought this property is because of the equipment. The equipment is from Kaspar Schulz, one of the oldest brewery equipment manufacturers from Germany. Germans are known for their engineering, and they are always number one, and we believe in being the Numero Uno.

District 6 has the same menu, and the place still looks the same even after getting new management; Why?

Yes, it is all the same. We haven’t changed a bit in the design or the beer or the food. District 6 is a brand, and people used to come to this place for the authenticity of beers and food. We did not want to take that away from them; hence we decided to keep it the way it is. The brew master, the operation manager, basically 60 percent of the staff are the same. We plan to make a few changes in the food menu later in the year and maybe add some beers, but of course, German recipes.

How was Oktoberfest?

We had brewed an Oktoberfest beer just for the fest this year and had collaborated with Bon Appètit for the Oktoberfest Food Menu, which includes only German cuisine. The footfall has been great; we have nothing to complain about. We have an average footfall of 7000 people per month right now.

Do you keep travelling to Germany for your love of their beers?

No, we haven’t. But who is stopping us? We shall head to Germany soon after the COVID-19 mess cools down. We should be finding some interesting new beer concepts.

What is the specialty of District 6?

Except for water, everything we brew our beers with is imported from Germany. The cutlery and glassware are also imported from Germany. Our beers are brewed 100 percent organic and arguably one of the best authentic German Microbrewery in Bangalore that brews as per the German Purity Law, “*The Reinheitsgebot.”

Which is the most favourite beer here?

Wheat beer and Lager are the hot favourites.

Any new beer recipes getting ready?

Jägermeister is something we are looking at right now.


*The Reinheitsgebot – A German law that has set high standards for beer brewing for more than 500 years and mandates nothing other than barley, hops, and water be used to produce beer. With yeast being the last ingredient to be accepted into the law.