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The Ultimate 2024 Beer Festival Bucket List: 6 Events Not to Miss

Beer enthusiasts from around the globe gather at some of the most exciting and thirst-quenching beer festivals each year. In 2024, these festivals promise to be bigger and better, featuring an array of local and international brews, music, food, and festivities. Here are the top 6 beer festivals you shouldn’t miss in 2024, complete with dates and locations.

Qingdao International Beer Festival – Qingdao, China

Dates: July 19 – August 11, 2024
Location: Golden Sands Beach, Qingdao

Often referred to as Asia’s Oktoberfest, the Qingdao International Beer Festival is China’s largest beer event. It features international and local brews, cultural performances, and a vibrant atmosphere along the stunning coastline.

Toronto’s Festival of Beer – Toronto, Canada

Dates: July 26 – July 28, 2024
Location: Bandshell Park, Exhibition Place, Toronto

Toronto’s Festival of Beer showcases over 400 brews from around the world, with a focus on Canadian craft beers. The festival features live music, culinary experiences, and a relaxed summer vibe.

Beer and Whisky Festival – Stockholm, Sweden

Dates: September 4 – September 8, 2024

The Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival, celebrating its 32nd anniversary, is one of Scandinavia’s largest trade and consumer shows. It provides a prime platform for promoting US beers, attracting both in-market and interested US breweries. The Brewers Association marks its 20th appearance, fostering new distribution and enhancing existing U.S. craft beer presence in Sweden and Scandinavia.

Belgian Beer Weekend – Brussels, Belgium

Dates: September 6 – September 8, 2024
Location: Grand Place, Brussels

Held in the heart of Brussels, the Belgian Beer Weekend celebrates Belgium’s rich brewing heritage with over 400 beers from more than 50 breweries. The historic Grand Place provides a stunning backdrop for this lively event.

Oktoberfest – Munich, Germany

Dates: September 21 – October 6, 2024
Location: Theresienwiese, Munich

Oktoberfest in Munich is the world’s largest and most famous beer festival, attracting millions of visitors. The festival features traditional Bavarian beers, hearty food, live music, and cultural parades.

Great American Beer Festival – Denver, USA

Dates: October 10 – October 12, 2024
Location: Colorado Convention Center, Denver

The Great American Beer Festival is the premier U.S. beer event, showcasing thousands of American beers from hundreds of breweries. Visitors can sample a wide variety of styles and participate in educational seminars.

These festivals offer a fantastic opportunity to sample a diverse range of beers, experience different cultures, and enjoy the company of fellow beer lovers. Mark your calendars and start planning your trips to these exciting beer events in 2024!