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BrewDog India Garners Worldwide Acclaim: James Watt Gives Thumbs Up to Signature Brews!

BrewDog Bandra proudly welcomed James Watt, co-founder & CEO of BrewDog, on November 22nd, 2023, marking a historic moment as he officially endorsed the brewery’s two flagship beers now brewed in India, Punk IPA and Hazy Jane. Watt’s visit affirmed BrewDog India’s commitment to maintaining global brand standards, elevating the brewery’s standing in the craft beer community. In a symbolic act, Watt renamed the signature brews, adding his personal touch to the occasion.

“James Watt’s endorsement is a landmark moment for BrewDog India, a testament to our unwavering dedication to brewing excellence. We are thrilled to have our commitment recognized by him & this validation further strengthens our mission to redefine the craft beer landscape in India,” said Rohit Jain, Chairman, BrewDog India

“It’s an incredible honor to have James Watt recognize and endorse our craft. His visit signifies a pivotal moment for us. This endorsement from a visionary in the industry reaffirms our dedication to pushing the boundaries of craft beer and setting new standards for quality and innovation.” said Karan Jain, CEO of BrewDog India.

Addressing the crowd from atop the bar, Watt expressed confidence in the Indian craft beer scene and praised BrewDog India’s brewing prowess. The cinema board proudly displayed the renamed beers, showcasing the brand’s creativity. To celebrate, patrons were treated to complimentary servings of Punk IPA, exemplifying BrewDog’s dedication to sharing exceptional craft beer experiences. This recognition from James Watt is a testament to BrewDog India’s commitment to brewing excellence in India, setting a new standard for the country’s craft beer industry.