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Calling Happiness

Established in 2017, Thirsty Beers is a new-age beer company looking to bring back pedigree to the art of beer and brews. Why does beer have to be complicated? Why does it have to be impossible to get a great beer in India at a reasonable price? These questions have been fundamental to the inception of Thirsty Beers and guided by one fundamental principle – a love for beer.

Vir Kotak is known in the beer realm for bringing down Tsingtao & Schneider Weisse into the country. His entrepreneurial beer debut into the Indian beer market, is Happy by Thirsty beers. Alex Barlow, a UK brewmaster helped him develop Happy under the Thirsty brand but doesn’t end its international relations there. Currently, brewed and imported from Bosnia, Happy is a classic central European lager, specifically brewed to be uplifting, balanced and refreshing. The predominant hop, Herkules gives it a peppery or spicy bitterness with floral and citrus notes, as well as a pleasant hoppy aroma. HAPPY by Thirsty Beers available at select outlets in Delhi (INR 170), Goa (INR 170), Mumbai (INR 250), Bangalore (INR 250) and Pune (INR 250) per can.

After the successful launch of HAPPY by Thirsty, they launched their second product in late 2017 – Thirsty SIMONA, a more traditional German Hefeweizen for an evolved palate. Thirsty SIMONA is a premium wheat beer offering with aromas of banana and clove-like spiciness, developed by Alex Barlow, their UK brew master and brewed using pure wheat malts and live yeast.


Thirsty SIMONA is a premium wheat beer, brewed and bottled with the best of quality ingredients; wheat, malt, hops, yeast and water and intriguing array of flavours.

Tasting Notes:

Vibrant yet refreshing, SIMONA lifts the spirits and entices the taste buds with aromas of Banana and a Clove-like spiciness. Her light body and lively effervescence leaves the mouth clean and wanting more.

Food Pairing:

While it offers many food pairing options, it’s best suited to light spicy dishes and white or shell fish, such as Goan Fish Curry or Thai Green Curry, where the spices blend with the fruity aromas and light finish clean and lift. It works best with smokedcheese or fish. The light flavour and sweet banana-like fruitiness allows pairing with desserts like Banana Fritters, Waffles and/or Banoffee Pie.

How to Drink a SIMONA:

Swirl the pint to dissolve the live yeast for a burst of flavours and enjoy a chilled one directly from the pint or pour 3/4th of the beer in a Teku glass {make sure you let the head froth nice and bubbly}, swirl more and add the remaining 1/4th.

It is a beer for people who thankfully still believe in this world. The enigmatic, the striking, the charming, the mysterious and the playful. For people who believe that beer isn’t something to throw back mindlessly, it’s something to taste, savour and enjoy. Thirsty SIMONA hopes to bring the world back to the place it needs to be – a place where taste matters.

At Thirsty we believe it is time for the distinguished to raise its head and drink a beer that has been beautifully brewed. We at Thirsty, make our beer for people who thankfully still believe in the enigmatic, the striking, the charming, the beautiful. Our beers are made using the finest ingredients in the way beer needs to be made with passion.

So, pour out the beer. Feel the flavour come through. Thirsty, it’s the one for you.


09 April 2018
Editorial-Brewer World