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TENTH EDITION OF SAVORSM Elva Ellen Kowald In the world of fine dining, great dishes and select wines go together. Haute cuisine – so the conventional wisdom goes – is about luminary chefs, upscale diners, starched table cloths, and discreet servers and sommeliers in hushed establishments, where


BEN JOHNSON Owner, INOX Brewery Consulting History, guidelines, and techniques for using nontraditional ingredients. Brewing with fruits, herbs, and spices is nothing new. Historians will agree that the earliest fermented beverage was most likely mead. NEW DIMENSIONS TO BREWING In an industry growing as rapidly as the brewing industry, it


Not until a while ago, the ordinary Indian tippler only had a handful of options for a quality craft beer. But now, discerning beer drinkers of all ages are experimenting with newer and more exotic brews. Neighbourhood Hospitality’s Gastropub ‘Woodside Inn’ has always been at


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