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Wayanad’s Gandhakasala In Pump House’s Beer

In the not-so-distant past, within the industry, rice as a grain has long had a reputation as a cheap filler that large commercial brands use as an adjunct to water down their brews. But in the innovative world of craft beer, where creative brewers are constantly looking to create the next best brew, it is considered to give a unique character. Those who have decided to challenge traditional attitudes and take a chance by brewing the rice, have found that it’s catching on. For instance, The Pump House, a popular microbrewery in the area of JP Nagar in Bengaluru, recently, has come across an aromatic rice grain called ‘Gandhakasala Rice’ that can be used for making crisp, light and dry beers. Read more to find out.

To give you an overview, Gandhakasala rice is a variety of Indian rice cultivated in the Wayanad region of Kerala. It is one of the most scented varieties of rice cultivated in the district of Wayanad. Most interestingly, this variety of rice has a potential to compete with some of the well-known Indian varieties of scented rice like Basmati and Jasmine. It is also high in nutritional value with fine aromatics and flavours.

Gandhakasala Rice Lager At Pump House

Rice Lagers are made with a large proportion of “adjunct” grain added to the malted barley (in this case, though, rice was used exclusively). It results in an ultra-light-coloured beer with a delicate flavour profile that might have some residual sweetness balanced by a subtle bite from the hops. Higher carbonation is common, as is a drier with clean, crisp and a refreshing finish.

Pump House Gandhakasala

Gandhakasala Rice Lager at Pump House Bengaluru

Rice Lager at The Pump House is all about showcasing the character of native and locally sourced Indian staple. It is brewed in abundance with Gandhakasala rice. As mentioned before, it is commonly found in the district of Wayanad, Kerala. Gorgeously gold in appearance and clear as a crystal, this Rice Lager boasts a subtle and delicate perfumy aroma of rice along with a grainy-sweet malt character resulting from the base malts. About 40% of the grist consists of Gandhakasala Rice to give the beer its signature taste. It is highly carbonated and finishes slightly dry with a low perceived bitterness. A highly crushable lager that can be enjoyed in sessions.

Pump House Gandhakasala

Gandhakasala Rice Lager at Pump House Bengaluru

One thing craft breweries are really good at is telling stories about their beer. The Gandhakasala Rice Lager will come down as one of best adjunct lagers out there. It even has the potential to educate the consumer about what rice beer is and how it tastes like.

The specialty Lager is brewed and exclusively available at The Pump House, JP Nagar, Bengaluru. It is currently pouring on tap. Be sure to check it out before the tap runs dry. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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