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“Not A Beer Person”: A Fusion of Flavors Inspired by Whisky

In the heart of Mumbai, a special collaboration between 2DownBeerCo and The Dram Club has brought forth a unique brew known as “Not A Beer Person.” This beer pays tribute to the modern classic whisky cocktail, Penicillin, and offers a flavour experience like no other.

“Not A Beer Person” is brewed using a blend of pale ale and smoked malt. These ingredients come together to create a subtle smoky flavor with hints of honey, providing a distinctive character to the beer. To complete the Penicillin experience, ginger and lemon are added, enhancing its complexity and depth.

The idea for this collaboration stemmed from PoojaVir of The Dram Club. When she proposed the idea, it instantly sparked excitement. Salil Palkar, co-founder of 2 Down Beer Co., expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Penicillin is a favourite, and we all instantly agreed to take that direction.”

By combining the flavors of a classic whisky cocktail with the craft of brewing, “Not A Beer Person” invites drinkers to discover something unique.

With each sip of “Not A Beer Person,” enthusiasts can savor the intricate balance of flavors, from the subtle smokiness of the malt to the zesty kick of ginger and lemon.

For those eager to try, “Not A Beer Person” is available in growlers on, bringing the taste of innovation right to your doorstep.

As the beer industry continues to evolve, collaborations like “Not A Beer Person” serve as a reminder of the endless possibilities that arise when passionate individuals come together to create something truly extraordinary. Whether you’re a whisky connoisseur, a beer enthusiast, or simply someone with an adventurous palate, “Not A Beer Person” promises a taste experience that is both memorable and delicious.