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Brewer World Announces Winners For The Beer of India Awards 2023

Brewer World, India’s only online media platform dedicated to the Beer & Brewing Industry, has announced the winners of the second edition of “The Beer of India Awards 2023” at the recent BW Conclave 2023 held in Bengaluru. The awards were presented after a rigorous blind tasting process that assessed beers based on color, aroma, flavor, mouthfeel, and overall impression, using globally accepted judging protocols. 

The Beer of India Awards is a national competition that aims to set the bar for world-class beer in India, and recognizes excellence in beers across the country. The awards ceremony was conceptualized by Brewer World to acknowledge and award some of the finest brewed beers in India and bridge the gap within the industry. 

The highest-quality beers were awarded based on the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines. The awards ceremony was held at the KTPO in Whitefield, Bengaluru, on February 23-24-25, and the event was a huge success. Brewer World developed its own B2B expo, conference, and awards event for the beer and brewing community. 

The Winners of Beer of India 2023 are as follows : 

1. International Light Lager – Long Boat Brewing Co. (Gold), 2 Down Beer Co. (Silver), Biergarten (Bronze) 

2. Munich Helles – Mannheim Craft Brewery (Gold) 

3. Czech Pilsner – Drifters Breweries (Gold) 

4. American Lager – Brewdog India (By Aloha International) (Silver)

5. Vienna Lager – Biergarten (Bronze) 

6. Rauchbier – Geist Brewing Co. (Gold)

7. Hefeweizen/ German Wheat – Kimaya Brewing Company (Gold), Red Rhino Craft Brewery (Silver), Independence Brewing Co. (Bronze) 

8. Dunkleweizen/ Dark German Wheat – Geist Brewing Co. (Silver)

9. Weizenbock – Mannheim Craft Brewery (Gold), The Pump House (Silver), Brewdog India (By Aloha International) and Shakesbierre Brewpub & Kitchen (Silver), Shakesbierre Brewpub & Kitchen (Bronze) 

10. American Porter – Alchemy Bangalore (Silver) 

11. Irish Red Ale – Brewdog India (By Aloha International) (Silver) 

12. Imperial Stout – Brewdog India (By Aloha International) (Gold) 

13. UK & Irish Stout – Oatmeal Stout – Windmills Craftworks (Gold), Yavasura (Silver), Long Boat Brewing Co. (Bronze) 

14. American Stout – Red Rhino Craft Brewery (Gold) 

15. American IPA/ West Coast IPA – Independence Brewing Co. (Silver), Shakesbierre Brewpub & Kitchen (Bronze)

16. Hazy IPA/ NE Style Double IPA – Brewdog India (By Aloha International) (Gold), Mannheim Craft Brewery (Silver), Geist Brewing Co. (Bronze) 

17. Sour Ale – Fruited Sour – Alchemy Bangalore (Gold)

18. Belgian Witbier – BLR Brewing Co. (Gold), Drifters Breweries (Silver), By the Peepal (Bronze)

19. Belgian Tripel – Rolling Mills Brewery (Gold), Windmills Craftworks (Silver), Geist Brewing Co. (Bronze) 

20. Saison – BLR Brewing Co. (Silver), Independence Brewing Co. (Bronze)

21. Monastic Ales – Belgian Dubbel – Rolling Mills Brewery (Gold), Long Boat Brewing Co. (Bronze)

22. Monastic Ales – Belgian Dark Strong Ale – 24K Kraft Brewzz (Silver) 

23. Experimental – Fruit & Speciality Fruit Beer – Geist Brewing Co. (Gold), Yavasura (Silver), Independence Brewing Co. (Bronze) 

24. Experimental – Fruit & / or Spice Beer – Windmills Craftworks (Gold), Yavasura (Silver), Mannheim Craft Brewery (Bronze) 

25. Experimental – Herb/ Flower/ Vegetable Beer – Shakesbiere Brewpub & Kitchen (Silver) 

26. Experimental – Speciality IPA – The Pump House (Silver), Brewdog India (By Aloha International) (Bronze) 

27. Experimental – Alternative Grain Beer – Alchemy Bangalore (Silver)

28. Experimental – Smoked Beer – Windmills Craftworks (Silver), By the Peepal (Silver), The Bier Library (Bronze), The Pump House (Bronze) 

29. Packaged – International Light Lager – Red Rhino Craft Brewery (Bronze) 

30. Packaged – Witbier – Geist Brewing Co. (Gold), Bira 91 WHITE (Silver), Simba Wit (Bronze) 

31. Packaged – Strong Lager – Bira 91 RISE (Gold), BeeYoung (Silver), Godfather Legendary (Devans Modern Breweries Pvt Ltd) (Bronze)

32. The Highest Scoring Beer for the 2023 edition – Long Boat Brewing Co. (Gold) – 38. 

With over 250 entries from over 75 Indian breweries, The Beer of India Awards 2023 turned out to be a massive success. The event showcased the diversity of beer styles and flavors that exist in India’s brewing industry. The judges included leading brewers, beer sommeliers, and beer judges from around the world, ensuring that the awards were truly a celebration of the finest beers in the country. Brewer World also gave out the BW Awards to 34 winners across categories for Excellence in different aspects of beer and brewing. 

Anitha Raghunath, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Brewer World, expressed her delight in the success of the event, saying, “We are thrilled to have created an event that showcases the very best of the Indian brewing industry. The Beer of India Awards 2023 was a resounding success, and we look forward to continuing to support and encourage their talent and the growth of the beer industry.”

Co-Founder & Director of Brewer World, Suraaj Nair, added, “The Beer of India Awards 2023 was a milestone event in the Indian beer industry. We are proud to have created a platform that recognizes and celebrates the talent and creativity of Indian brewers. We hope that the awards will continue to inspire and motivate the industry to strive for excellence.” 

The Beer of India Awards 2023 was undoubtedly a significant step forward in the recognition and celebration of Indian brewing talent. With such a diverse range of beers and breweries represented, it’s clear that the future of Indian beer is bright, and we can’t wait to see what the industry has in store next. 

Congratulations to all the winners of The Beer of India Awards 2023!