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United Breweries Limited Launches HEAL For Bar Staff

India’s ace brewer, United Breweries Limited, showcased solidarity towards bar staff across India by undertaking a holistic development program, HEAL. The series of virtual sessions were curated for F&B staff to hone their skills and stay abreast with the changing hospitality landscape in the new normal. The campaign was centred around three critical pillars of Enhance, Empower and Evolve devised to facilitate holistic development of bar staff across key locations.

The sessions helped ‘Enhance’ existing skill sets while re-learning the nuances of business in the wake of new normal. Intending to ‘Empower’ budding talent, the campaign highlighted key areas of expertise like social media marketing and personal finance.  As the F&B industry limps back to normalcy, the sessions helped bar staff to ‘Evolve’ while keeping innovation at the heart of the business.

The engaging sessions consisted of live beer mixology classes, personal finance sessions to explain the nuances of investments, and personal wellness activities like Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics, and tips to boost immunity and ensure good health during the pandemic. As a part of the program, participants were also given an insight into online promotions through a session on the art of Social Media Marketing.

To support the seamless and fearless return to work and create a safe environment for the guests, UBL was also part of the vaccination drive conducted by NRAI. The objective of the campaign was to vaccinate 30,000 employees spread across 600 member restaurants. Speaking on this initiative, Gurpreet Singh, Head Marketing, United Breweries Limited, said, “The F&B industry witnessed unprecedented challenges over the last year. It was heartening to see NRAI, INCA, and prominent stakeholders solidarity to support the industry. We thank NRAI for recognizing United Breweries’ efforts in rebuilding the F&B industry after a rather difficult year. The ‘Back to the Bars’ initiative is United Breweries’ way of giving back to the larger F&B community, supporting its patrons, and standing in solidarity with the community. It also represents a celebration of the human spirit, the efforts of the hospitality industry, as well the pride it collectively takes in its work.”

Rahul Singh, Trustee of NRAI; Founder & CEO of Beer Café, said, “We are very grateful to United Breweries for always being at the forefront, extending continued support to the F&B community during one of the most difficult times we have collectively faced. It is extremely reassuring and encouraging to receive support from your business partners in these crisis times. This gesture will further cement the relationship between the F&B Fraternity and United Breweries.”

Riyaaz Amlani, Trustee of NRAI; CEO & MD, Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt Ltd said, “Vaccination is the need of the hour to return to normalcy in the functioning of our businesses & lives. I am very grateful to United Breweries for their significant contribution towards our aim to ensure that 100% of the Restaurant staff are vaccinated, which will go a long way in rebuilding consumer confidence for dining once again at their favorite restaurants.”

United Breweries Limited played a pivotal role in engaging with bar staff with 27 knowledge and wellness sessions, 2500 attendees, 357 outlets across 22 regions through the HEAL campaign. This year, United Breweries Limited was the only company to take proactive steps towards ensuring upskilling and promoting the overall wellbeing of the F&B staff. As the dynamics of the F&B and Alco-Bev industry have changed over the past two years, UBL remains committed to providing a level playing field for bar staff across the country and enabling their growth, both personally and professionally.