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UC Davis Launches Online Master Brewers Certificate Program Built For Serious Brewers

For over 60 years, the University of California Davis has combined the academic expertise with the practical training in its “career curriculum” to help working professionals refresh and expand their horizons. Now that e-learning is all the rage, the university has organically customised its well-known Master Brewers Certificate Program to make it even more accessible by offering it completely online. By doing so, the university aims to make the course available to all the aspiring brewing professionals across the country.

Master Brewers Certificate Program is built only for serious brewers who are looking for in-depth knowledge in brewing science and brewery engineering topics. These include topics such as malting, mashing, brewing, fermentation and fluid flow, heat, mass transfer, solid-liquid separation, sensory science and many more.

Aspiring brewers can explore these subject areas through professional-level equivalents of UC Davis degree-program courses and expand their brewing knowledge through assigned reading and writing exercises. Master Brewers Certificate Program (online) is easily accessible to all the brewers which also features highly produced, pre-recorded lectures and scheduled, live class sessions, will give participants industry-recognised training to help them turn their passion into a career.

Master Brewers
University of California, Davis

Added to this, there’s also an optional hands-on bootcamp which is being offered on-site for an additional $1400 at their state-of-the-art August A Busch III Brewing and Food Science Laboratory. The entire curriculum is the same as the in-person version and can be completed in approximately 18 months for 14,300 USD.

Course Benefits

Upon the course completion, a candidate would be able to evaluate and select raw materials for specific brewing objectives and product qualities. Applying sensory principles and other methods to improve a product along with designing a brewery unit are just some of the benefits.

With industry experts like Lindsay Barr, Charlie Bramforth and Glen Fox taking over the lectures, this Master Brewers Certificate Program provides students with a wealth of knowledge and exploration of art, science and business sides of the brewing industry.

For more information, refer to UC Davis website. Happy learning!


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