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Celebrate The Spirit Of Oktoberfest At Ironhill India

Ironhill India is a wonderland of breweries. An iconic spot for all beer lovers with a wide range of brews and galvanising ambience. This Oktoberfest, Ironhill India seeks to recreate the spirit of Bavarian festival by wooing its patrons with a legendary range of lip smacking German beers. Ironhill will be celebrating their much awaited Oktoberfest at a host of new Ironhill locations pan India. Ironhill Bangalore, Vizag and Vijayawada are the only participating outlets among their list of brewpubs for Oktoberfest. The microbreweries are set to woo the craft beer industry with freshly crafted, traditional German beers to pair alongside their signature Oktoberfest dishes.

Ironhill Oktoberfest Beers

Märzen – Oktoberfest Exclusive at Bangalore, Vizag & Vijayawada

Märzen is a traditional beer style that is served at the Oktoberfest in Munich. It is a malty German amber lager with a clean, rich, toasty and bready flavours. With a clean lager fermentation profile, Märzen is highly crushable and is meant for drinking in sessions.

Ironhill Bangalore Oktoberfest
Ironhill’s Märzen for Oktoberfest

Ironhill’s Märzen is an attempt on traditional Bavarian Oktoberfest lager which has a gorgeous orange to copper colour. It is rich in malt character with a balance of clean hop bitterness. Hints of bread, biscuit, toast and caramel-like malt flavours make up for a highly drinkable fest lager. Its alcohol content is slightly higher than the usual lagers and clocks in at 6%. Märzen is only available for Oktoberfest in Ironhill Bangalore, Ironhill Vizag and Vijayawada outlets.


Altbier is a well-balanced, malty, clean and highly attenuated German beer. It has a brilliant clarity and showcases a bright amber to copper colour. It’s slightly bitter yet malty with low fruity esters coming through. The hop aroma is relatively low and finishes medium dry.

Ironhill Bangalore Oktoberfest
Altbier for Oktoberfest at Ironhill Bangalore

Ironhill’s Altbier is complex and grainy with copper to dark brown colour. With subtle fruity esters, rich malt character, it has a nice rounded soft and caramelly finish. Despite being full of flavour, Altbier is light-bodied enough to be consumed as a session beer and peaks just at 5% ABV. Altbier is only pouring in the Ironhill Bangalore outlet for the Oktoberfest.

Smash Ale

Outside of their festival beer line-up, Ironhill has also experimented with a SMaSH ale which is essentially a single malt and single hop beer. It is pale gold in colour and has a slightly hazy appearance with a dense foam on top.

Smash Ale

Smash Ale features floral and fruity aromas from their unique hop selection. It has a gentle note of honey derived from the malt. A smooth and easy hoppy ale with subtle bitterness lingering into the finish. ABV: 5.5%. If you want to try the Smash Ale, it is only available in Ironhill Hyderabad and not part of the Oktoberfest line-up.

Oktoberfest Exclusive Food Menu

While beer may be the highlight of any Oktoberfest, I have to say, if you leave without sampling Oktoberfest food, you have done it all wrong. Well, without exaggerating, Oktoberfest food is some of the most satisfying, indulgent grub you’ll ever experience. The food choice at Ironhill’s Oktoberfest is staggering. They have a wide selection of Pretzels along with an array of sauces and Sauerkraut as a side. While you guzzle litres of beer, you would want to make sure you’re not feeling a little peckish.

Ironhill Bangalore Oktoberfest
Pretzels with honey mustard sauce and a side of Sauerkraut

Ironhill is larger than life and so is their Oktoberfest event. They can show you how an unadulterated, fresh beer in the right setting can make for the most lively experience. Ironhill India has geared up to give their patrons a major bash, and we hope you’ll love their Oktoberfest just as much as their outlets.

Ironhill’s Oktoberfest is on at their Bangalore, Vijayawada and Vizag outlets from September 28th to October 10th. So head on over to your nearest Ironhill outlet and tell us all about it. Prost!

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