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How to get the best Bar up in a Brewery Pub


Vickram is the owner of Benneta-Barscope Pvt Limited. He specialises in designing, deploying and consulting on best in class bar & beverage setup. focusing on his brand’s specialization and offering world class technology to the industry in India; he creates audit mechanisms to assure proper delivery of results as per manufacturer standards.

For over fifteen years Benneta has helped bring to life and colour the most grand and visionary dreams in hospitality and entertainment for the pioneers; and gave wings to those who dared to rise even though they couldn’t fly-‘When they want to create a brave new bar that tells their extraordinary story’

A brewery pub aims to serve craft beer that is brewed in-premise to beer connoisseurs. We will cover in this article the apt bar for a brewery pub, creating which would ensure that many things go perfectly to meet the ultimate aim of serving perfectly brewed beers, consistently, in a clean and safe environment.

The bar should be made around attributes that are needed to serve the draft beers. These are the elements needed to draw and serve draft beers.

  • A long draw remote beer system with glycol and refrigerated lines with counter pressure
  • Automatic glass washer that provides beer clean glass i.e. allows a thin  film of rinse air, and sanitizes with proper chemical leaving glasses cool to serve
  • Glass frosters that keep glasses cold to serve beer, and trap CO2 in a cold environment
  • Three sink system for cleaning and cooling glasses before serving
  • Recessed drain boards and glass racks for all types of beer glassware storage
  • Waste chutes and receptacles, wet waste sinks for cleaning areas of beer glasses

Dispensing of beer needs is a special activity. The basic tenets of serving beer is by keeping the glass tilted away at fifty five degrees from the tap, so as to not touch it with beer, drawing the level completely not partially, until the pour fills up the glass and one inch thick foam is formed on the top. A foam top allows beer to retain its bouquet and slows down oxidation, keeping the beer fresh and flavorful throughout.

Serving beer in warm or room temperature glass or one that is not beer clean, will immediately cause excess foaming or flat beer as the CO2 escapes quickly.

Excess CO2 counter-pressure will also over carbonate beer and make it wild and foamy, so this needs to be balanced to assure long distance beer pours smoothly.

A long draw beer has following parts

  • Beer Tower with coldplate for re-circulating system and glycol lines
  • Glycol coolant (mixed with water in chiller)
  • Glycol Recirculating Chiller with run distances up to four or five hundred feet from bar
  • Walk-in Cooler or microbrewery dispensing tank where beers are kept to dispense
  • Secondary CO2 regulators
  • Beer pumps and regulators
  • Empty Keg Detectors
  • Insulated beverage conduits with lines for beer and glycol
  • Chiller stand and wall racks
  • Insulation kits for various joints and spaces of the system
  • Blenders and CO2 Gas