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Budweiser 0.0 Launches ‘The Art Of Drinking’ – An Initiative Encouraging Responsible Consumption

Celebrating International Beer Day, the brand shares easy, actionable tips consumers can practice ensuring every experience with beer is a positive one.

Budweiser 0.0 has celebrated Global Be(er) Responsible Day (GBRD) for over a decade before making the shift to Smart Drinking Week in 2021. This year, the globally loved beer brand has launched a unique initiative to familiarize consumers/patrons with ‘The Art of Drinking’ in India. Through ‘The Art of Drinking’ Budweiser 0.0 seeks to convey the message that beer enhances great times for not just you but also those around you so long as you Drink Smart.

The campaign seeks to change the narrative around drinking – from it being viewed as a sport where the quickest, fastest individual who pushes their limits is considered fun and cool to repositioning it as a skill, an art form once acquired and mastered leads to great experiences, every time you drink. The Art of Drinking goes much beyond responsible consumption because Smart Drinking is not a compromise, but a way of life that empowers consumers to enjoy to the fullest.

Speaking on the occasion, Vineet Sharma, VP – Marketing, AB InBev South Asia said,

“As a leading brewer in the country, we are committed to offer choice to our consumers through our ever-growing portfolio of No-and Low-Alcohol beverages empowering them to drink smart and enjoy responsibly. Budweiser 0.0 is also committed to equip consumers with tips that can unlock memorable experiences. Be it hydrating, eating, or pacing consumption – there are numerous ways to practice moderation and reduce harmful consumption and that’s exactly what The Art of Drinking brings to fore – a light-hearted take on fostering the culture of smart drinking. We are invested in our ambition to influence social norms and re-frame the way our category consumption is perceived in India.” – Vineet Sharma, VP – Marketing, AB InBev South Asia

While the brand’s commitment to reducing the harmful consumption of alcohol is actioned all year round through non-alcoholic offerings like Budweiser 0.0 and responsible marketing and communications, this one week is dedicated to celebrating Smart Drinking. Budweiser 0.0 is sharing tips that can be effortlessly practiced to ace The Art of Drinking such as grabbing a bite, hydrating with a glass of water and swapping to a non-alcoholic beverage to pace out one’s consumption.  The brand believes that with the right actions and behavior, these hacks will help consumers to achieve a perfect night and enjoy their Buds to the fullest.

Shruti Haasan sketching at the event

To drive further mileage – Budweiser 0.0 social handles will be converted into a repository of hacks to ace The Art of Drinking with illustrators and key influencers joining the conversations, sharing their own renditions.

The multi-faceted campaign also had on-ground levers where the brand hosted a spray-painting event in Mumbai with top multidisciplinary visual artists, Santanu Hazarika and Zake who created a masterpiece while championing The Art of Drinking. The theme of the eclectic artwork revolved around the core principle of the initiative i.e., to inculcate Smart Drinking behaviors and normalize responsible consumption. The by-invite-only event was attended by select media, creators and consumers who were encouraged to try their hand at spray-painting, revealing their own hacks on how they ace The Art of Drinking. Over 200+ trade outlets in select cities are supporting the cause – encouraging citizens to hydrate, eat and pace their consumption.

Involving consumers to partake in the initiative, Budweiser 0.0 has also launched a microsite where patrons can pledge to champion ‘The Art of Drinking’ and each pledge-taker will be gratified for their commitment with a certificate.

To know more about this initiative, head over to the microsite: