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Meet Yavira: India’s New Homegrown Basmati Pilsner

India has always had a rich history of homegrown ferments and brews and yet never has there been a beer made to celebrate and commemorate this history. Yavira – derived from the Sanskrit word for beer, aims to be India’s first native brew to honour this tradition  based on the principles of simplicity and selective sourcing of ingredients.

Each ingredient for Yavira is discovered and handpicked straight from the farm. The most important aspect that has been constantly upheld while creating Yavira is provenance and clearly defining the role of each ingredient. From the carefully chosen international malt (master barley) which forms the base to the inclusion of local Basmati rice known for its characteristic of smoothness on the palate – the Noble Saaz (Zatec) hops, a highly aromatic variety – to Magnum and the pristine Himalayan waters – each of these the ingredients put together make for a seamless sip.

The idea was to create a balanced beer that played at both ends of the flavour and tactile spectrum: crisp yet creamy, racy yet silky-smooth, daring but not daunting, aromatic and fruity yet malty and hoppy. The only word that describes this beer perfectly is “harmony”. Yavira is a beer that can accompany the finest of meals in the most serious of restaurants and makes for the perfect pairing with a night of quiet conversations. It promises a smooth, lasting taste that leaves an unforgettable impression in the drinker’s mind.

Yavira is a homegrown brew made to meet the international standards. It is made in India but aims to find appeal with beer lovers all over the world. It is a versatile beer in every sense, which not only makes for a good sip by itself but also works extremely well when placed besides most dishes, especially something that ups the spice quotient. A proportion of Basmati rice in the mix gives the beer a much softer, generous and rounded mouthfeel without compromising the crispness. This helps to not only contain the spices but also provides a nice clean reset to the palate in preparation for whatever is to come next.

Yavira is available in a 500ml bottle – just the quantity to ensure proper enjoyment at the right temperature. Nothing ruins a good beer like incorrect temperature and having a small pour ensures that the beer tastes right till the last sip.

Yavira is a premium, prestigious, traditional, gastronomic and handpicked variant by Kimaya Himalayan


Price & Availability:

Uttar Pradesh  –  INR 150

Delhi – INR 130

Uttarakhand – INR 160

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