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Modulfill Bloc FS-C filler-seamer block


“For the first time, beverage producers can buy from
Krones an all-in-one solution for filling and seaming cans.”

Christian Bockisch



Head Sales-KRONES India Pvt Ltd

This is definitely something new: for the first time, beverage producers can buy from KRONES an all-in-one solution for filling and seaming cans. This block is, of course, packed full of KRONES know-how coupled with state-of-the-art technology.

The constituents:

1. Modulfill VFS-C filler
The Modulfill VFS-C is a volumetric can filler, suitable for both the small and large output ranges. Depending on the container size and format involved, it handles between 18,000 and 135,000 cans per hour. During filling, an inductive flow meter measures the inflowing quantity of liquid until the specified fill volume has been reached. Needless to say that besides accuracy the issue of hygiene plays an important role: the filling valve scores highly here with its hygienically sophisticated solution, from product routing to the press-on unit. Further pluses in terms of hygiene include the no-front-table machine concept, in which Monotec starwheel columns with inclined surfaces are used throughout, and the grease-free main bearing, which is operated with automatic oil-circulating lubrication. The filler’s interior is separated from the process zone by a wall.

2. Modulseam seamer
After being filled, the cans are fed into the Modulseam for applying the lids: here, Krones has incorporated its long years of experience in filling and closing technology. The highlight: both modules are precisely matched to each other – which means they work hand in hand. At the Modulseam, too, hygiene is a paramount consideration: a seamer zone separated from the surrounding work environment, plus the roof table, where all cables and media piping are located outside the process zone, ensure a dependable seaming process.


With the Modulfill Bloc FS-C, KRONES is expanding its corporate competence in terms of can handling, since in this harmonised system both KRONES machines are perfectly coordinated – which makes the operator’s daily work, in particular, a whole lot easier: a standardised operator control concept and a shared touch-screen ensure that product and format change-overs can be performed without double manipulations and legwork. Quick-change handling parts at the filler and seamer, moreover, mean short times for changing over to different can sizes.

11 January 2019
Editorial-Brewer World