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Meet DME Solutions at Drink Technology India

Marc De Jong

Vice President, Sales & Marketing,
DME Brewing Solutions

A global leader in brewing systems manufacturing has combined the best in North American design with the best in Indian manufacturing for the emerging market in India. They are looking forward to show casing their work at the upcoming Drink Technology India show in New Delhi. The brew house that will be featured during Drinktec India, in booth #B01 will also be available for sale at the show at a special discount rate.

DME Brewing Solutions is based out of the East Coast of Canada, where they have been engineering solutions for craft brewers for the past twenty-five years. As the craft beer market has been growing around the globe, DME Brewing Solutions has been rising to the occasion, partnering with more than 700 breweries worldwide.

DME Brewing Solutions is expanding its global presence by starting its operations in India. The supplier is already recognized as one of the leaders in engineering and craftsmanship around the world, and are excited to bring their proven designs to the Indian craft brewing market. DME Brewing Solutions currently works with DDE, a leader in the design and fabrication of pharmaceutical equipment in Pune. DDE’s reputation for safe, sanitary and quality equipment made them the perfect fit for the high standards that have come to be associated with DME Brewing Solutions.Marc De Jong, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for DME Brewing Solutions, stated that “they are looking forward to having a full system on display during Drinktec India this fall”. “We will have a complete 10 BBL MasterBrew Single Step Infusion brewhouse with hot and cold liquor tanks and a few cellar vessels,” says De Jong. “It’s a fantastic opportunity for visitors to the show to get first-hand experience in craftsmanship and design.” De Jong explains that all DME systems are designed to brew with maximum efficiency, at a rate of up to 95% or greater when brewing between nine and fourteen Plato. While brewing in this range, DME is typically able to guarantee the full brewhouse volume of backable beer. In the case of display brewhouse at Drinktec India, this would be 10 BBL of backable beer in the brite beer tank.

“We have been able to achieve these kinds of efficiencies through careful engineering of the system,” De Jong further added. “We account for the unavoidable losses that happen during the brewing process like line losses, spent grain or wort contraction.” In addition to great efficiencies, the 10 BBL system that will be on display also features touch screen temperature control to increase ease of brewing. The system features include three heating zones in the kettle, which means better control and a faster boil in the brewing process. A high efficient plate and frame heat exchanger reclaims heat for the hot liquor tank, while the wort is cooled to thirteen degrees Celsius in thirty minutes.

De Jong explains that with twenty-five years of experience in brewing, DME Brewing Solutions has been able to improve designs and innovate as the company has grown. Simple design maneuvers like, increasing vessel height on this particular 10 BBL system, allow for easy cleaning and help brewers avoid pump cavitation. The company supports its craftsmanship, with one of the longest standing warranty periods in the industry. During Drinktec, DME Brewing Solutions will be displaying hot and cold liquor tanks and some cellar vessels alongside the brewhouse. The 10 BBL DME Unitanks on display will be half batch capable, and feature cone cooling. This system is being specifically designed and manufactured for Drinktec India. The 10 BBL size was selected because of the high demand for systems in the 5 BBL to 10 BBL range that DME Brewing Solutions is currently seeing in India. The company believes that this demand reflects the emerging market, and that he fully expects to see 25 HL production systems with distribution models as the next wave. “We are very proud to be part of the craft beer movement in India, and we feel that being present locally gives our customers even more of an advantage,” says De Jong. “North American design from DME Brewing Solutions meets Indian craftsmanship with DDE so our Indian customers get the best of both worlds without paying hefty import taxes.”

Several breweries are already underway with DME Brewing Solutions and DDE, most notably including Arbor Brewing, Pump House Brewery and Windmill Craftworks. These systems range in size from 10 HL brewpubs to 25 HL high output production breweries.

“At DME our philosophy is to work with our clients to provide the right solution for their needs,” says De Jong. “This means we take into account budget, size, configuration and plans for future growth. The brewhouse is really the foundation of a brewer’s craft, and we want to make sure our clients are suitably equipped for what they want to achieve.” The team at DME Brewing Solutions is looking forward to be a part of the fast-growing craft beer industry in India.

North American design from DME Brewing Solutions meets Indian craftsmanship with DDE so our Indian customers get the best of both worlds without paying hefty import taxes.