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Lone Wolf – A Strong Entrance Into The Indian Beer Market

Making a strong entrance into the Indian beer market is the newest player, Lone Wolf. Nothing is conventional about this brand, including its marketing strategy – they chose to enter the market and sent out a howl to all to unfollow the norms society has laid for us, and instead, define our own ways of happiness in this life. Their introductory beer, the Lone Wolf Strong, is thought to be as unique as the beer itself, a high ABV beer that does not leave a bitter aftertaste and goes down smooth unlike any other strong beer.

Lone wolf beers are brewed in Punjab, and have a yearlong shelf life. With two variants currently out in the Indian market, including the Lone Wolf Mild Lager, they plan to add a couple of aromatic and rich beers to their portfolio every year. With the hops and yeasts imported from Germany, low additives and enzymes, the beer goes down easy, and leaves one fresh to go out on the prowl the next morning, to break and make their own crescent trajectories.

Lone Wolf – Strong Lager

They aim at creating a counter culture, one that unfollows the trodden path. The go-to beer for all dreamers, adventurers, the mavericks and the alphas, for those who don’t conform to strict, conventional boundaries; associating with this beer is to embrace all that a wolf symbolizes – good communication, loyalty, understanding, and intelligence.

Lone Wolf is available in Delhi, Haryana and Chandigarh, while Punjab and Himachal Pradesh will follow soon after.

03 November 2022
Editorial-Brewer World