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Brewing Artistry: Aliens Tattoo and Ironhill Unveil Unique Fusion Craft Brew

~As part of their partnership, Aliens Tattoo, and Ironhill held an event to introduce the “Cosmic Lager” brew, which infused Aliens Tattoos’ flavor and artistic spirit.~

Aliens Tattoo, India’s leading tattoo brand, known for its creative custom tattoos uniquely designed based on the ideas, values, and beliefs of the consumer, and Ironhill Hyderabad, renowned for its craft brewing excellence, came together for an extraordinary partnership. The partnership came alive at an exciting experiential event held at Ironhill Hyderabad, seamlessly,  focused on building a unique sensory experience and blended the two worlds of tattoo artistry and craft beer. This dynamic partnership endeavors to honor the artistry of tattooing alongside the intricate craft of brewing, presenting a remarkable experience that harmonizes these two distinctive forms of expression.

Ironhill Hyderabad introduced several remarkable brews, commencing with the ‘Cosmic Lager’, which infused the concepts and creative ethos of Aliens Tattoo. During this partnership, the two brands co-created the exclusive craft brew, set to be available exclusively at the Ironhill outlet. The aim was to craft a unique blend that seamlessly integrated the essence of both brands and provided a unique sensory experience.

Subsequently, the Tattoo Workshop offered an immersive experience, diving deep into the world of tattoo artistry. Under the expert guidance of celebrated and award-winning tattoo artists from Aliens Tattoo, participants engaged in a selfie session with the IG filter Aliens Tattoos x Ironhill, indulging in personalized design sessions, receiving one-on-one consultations, and delving into the intricate realm of tattoo artistry.

Ameesha Karnani, Brand Partnership Specialist, Aliens Tattoo, said, “We are delighted to have partnered with Ironhill and co-created a new brew, ‘Cosmic Lager’, which brings alive the flavour and creative thought process of Aliens Tattoo. Our aim is to offer consumers a multi-sensory adventure, both within our studio and beyond. Teaming up with Ironhill has allowed us to design a one-of-a-kind experience that combines taste and tattoo. At Aliens Tattoos, our brand identity revolves around delivering unique encounters, fueled by our dedication to artistic innovation. Partnering with respected brands like Ironhill enables us to create memorable moments for everyone involved.”

Prateek Rao, Head of Brand Marketing, Ironhill “Cosmic Lager embodies the spirit of creativity and partnership, reflecting the essence of both Aliens Tattoo and Ironhill. It’s a testament to the power of partnerships in crafting something truly remarkable.”

As the curtains draw on this extraordinary occasion, the enduring alliance between Ironhill Hyderabad and Aliens Tattoo ignites enduring inspiration and leaves an indelible mark on the creative landscape. Beyond a mere event, this partnership elevates into a narrative of brand collaboration, weaving an immersive experience that resonates deeply within the creative community, fostering a legacy of innovation and artistic synergy.

Furthermore, the crafted brew born from this partnership will be available for tasting at the Ironhill outlet in the Hyderabad location, inviting enthusiasts to experience the unique fusion of these two iconic brands.

About Aliens Tattoo

Founded in 2009, Aliens Tattoo is a distinguished tattoo studio with 16+ studios across India. With a strong emphasis on artistry and innovation, the studio has become renowned for its exceptional tattoo designs and commitment to customer satisfaction. Aliens Tattoo had the pleasure of working with notable figures like Virat Kohli, Arjun Kapoor, and Hardik Pandya , continues to set new standards in the realm of tattoo artistry.

Led by visionary artist Sunny Bhanushali, Aliens Tattoo houses a team of skilled and talented tattoo artists who specialise in a wide range of styles, including realism, watercolour, black and grey, geometric, and traditional tattoos. Their attention to detail and ability to translate clients’ ideas into stunning custom designs sets them apart in the industry.

Aliens Tattoo places great importance on maintaining a safe and hygienic environment for their clients. The studio adheres to strict sterilisation practices and utilises high-quality tattoo equipment to ensure the highest standards of safety. Clients can trust in a professional and comfortable tattooing experience.  The exceptional artistry of Aliens Tattoo has gained international recognition, with participation in renowned tattoo conventions and competitions. Their commitment to excellence has earned them multiple accolades, solidifying their position as leaders in the industry. 

About Ironhill

The idea of owning and operating a microbrewery with friends is something that has been discussed while sitting at a café for decades. And as with time and space, a dream of that stature fades for most, however, a team of entrepreneurs decided to turn the tables, the other way.

It all began in the year 2017 when four friends decided to establish a brand that would recreate the spirit of good times and share pleasant memories over a fantastic range of craft beers and lip- smacking bites. Teja Chekuri, Harsha Vadlamudi, Vidhatha Annamaneni, and Subba Raju Penmatsa harnessed Ironhill’s success by combining their collective business acumen with the skills of professional acquaintances and contacts they developed over the years.

After a successful launch in the ‘City of Destiny’ – Visakhapatnam, the company broadened its footprints to Rajahmundry, Vijayawada, Nellore, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru, with Bengaluru being the largest microbrewery in the world.

With excellent varieties of beers and delicious cuisine to go with them, Ironhill India aims to re- create the fun and cheerful memories of bygone eras. They rely on the experience of their knowledgeable brewmasters, to bring to the table, some of the most supreme flavors for you to savor. This experience of Ironhill’s master’s results in exciting flavors of beers on tap, all brewed with high-quality imported raw materials as well as locally sourced varieties.

As Ironhill continues to expand its reach, its vision remains clear: to spread the joy of craft beer internationally, fostering connections and creating unforgettable moments along the way. With a mission to lead the market through innovation and dedication, Ironhill Brewery stands as a beacon of excellence in the ever-evolving world of craft beer.