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Danke! – It’s not just a Beer

Geetika Anand Gupta

Co-Founder & CMO, Danke


Here is some great news for the beer lovers in India. Inspired by the way beer market is shaping up in India and the way people are increasingly looking to experiment with new beers and specially craft beers, Danke Exim India (P) Ltd has launched a new label of imported beer “Danke.” Thanking the customers for their love of our beers is the inspiration behind the name “Danke” which means thank you in German. Its tagline, “Never Stay Dry” reflects the zeal and zest that the brand carries. In a quirky way, you never stay dry with Danke.

Danke is currently available on tap in 50+ premium bars and restaurants across Delhi, like The Beer Cafes, Lord of the Drinks, Flying Saucer Café, Tamasha, Unplugged Courtyard, Warehouse Café, Open House Café, Bunta Bar, Teddy Boy Café, The Vault Café, Townhouse Café, Bandstand, Tourist Cafe, 38 Barracks, Junkyard Café, Tippling Street and many more.

Danke! Is Born

There is an interesting story behind inception of Danke Back in February 2016 team Danke started distribution of Drink Command Self Pour Beer systems which allowed customers to pour their own beer from the taps installed on the tables or from the taps on a wall or a counter around them. Team was in talks with several beer suppliers for sale of these systems and that is when they realized that they were selling printers (self-pour systems) while there is a bigger market for the ink (beer) itself! That was the Eureka moment for the team and the idea to brew own beer had already started brewing. Danke is now pouring in about 50+ premium bars in Delhi. It will be launched in Haryana and Maharashtra in Q1 (Please note: It is different for the Indian Financial year & Calendar year), and in Karnataka and Goa in Q2 of 2018.

Launching Variants

With Danke already placed well in the on-trade market and bars / restaurants witnessing repeat customers asking for Danke every time they walk into the outlets, it was imperative to launch bottles for home consumption and to penetrate smaller bars and restaurants. Pint bottles (330ml) are expected to be launched in December’17. It will be available in both off-trade (at liquor vendors) and on-trade venues including bars, pubs, restaurants and liquor stores. Pint bottles will be priced at the sweet spot of Rs.150 in Delhi market and in a comparable price range across other states due to differential tax structures.

Leveraging 200 Years of Experience

Brewed and imported from one of largest and oldest breweries of Eastern Europe based in Lithuania, Danke is a premium imported craft beer available in two popular variants- Danke White and Danke Lager. With more than 200 years of experience behind the brewing process, Danke brings to your table, a beer with impeccable taste. This imported beer which is packed with flavour and zest, is crafted to perfection. Danke White (Alc. 4.9%) is a palatable Belgian style wheat beer with an aromatic after taste, lasts to keep your tasted buds tickled. It has and eye catching cloudy haze and body that makes it the perfect wheat beer on any table. It is infused with spices and a slight hint of peach that gives an amazing after taste. In short, it is a beer for all. Danke Lager (Alc. 5.2%) is a European style Lager Beer that is crisp and refreshing with a smooth finish. This medium bitterness brew has a golden colour and a clear body. Its perfect malt and hop balance make it the all-time favourite lager beer.

Behind the Scenes

The core founding team behind Danke includes Pranav Kohli – a Kings College graduate, Gaurav Gupta – an IIT Bombay alumnus, Geetika Anand Gupta – a gold medallist from Amity University and Stephane Katalan – a Spanish beer connoisseur who spent months in India studying the Indian palate for beers. The team worked behind the scene to ensure that Danke was launched at the right price point and tastes the best for the Indian beer lovers. Danke team continues to work on its expansion plans and is ready to launch new flavours in the Indian market.

Initial response to the beer has been very positive and people have loved the unique flavours of the beer which distinguishes itself from the other standard lot of beers available in the market. Danke has set itself a sale target of 200,000 cases in its first year of operation. The long-term vision is to see Danke as the most loved premium beer brand in India and all efforts are directed towards realizing that vision.

India at the Cusp of a Beer Revolution 

India has recently seen a cultural change towards how people treat beer as an alcoholic drink. Wider perception is rightly moving from beer being treated as an alcoholic beverage to it being looked upon as a social beverage that you enjoy drinking with your friends over a casual meet. Keeping this in mind, Danke is pitching itself as a premium casual beer that is great on taste, flavours and mild on alcohol content (5%). In the past 2-3 years India has seen a number of new beers hit the market and we know for sure that many more are brewing in the pipeline. So, consumers are going to benefit from a flurry of new beer launches. They would rather soon be spoilt for choice when it comes to beer. However, there seems to be room for many more brands in this large premium beer market that is expanding at a rate of 30% year on year. “The market is bound to head for some consolidation in next 4-5 years, which will be good. In the end, customers are going to be the beneficiary of this changing market dynamics” adds Pranav Kohli, Co-founder & CPO Danke.

The Long Haul

While Danke is completely focused on White and Lager variants for now, the team plans to launch 4 more variants in Q2, 2018, including an IPA. However, keeping product differentiation and target audience in mind, they are likely to be launched under a different brand name. Danke is also exploring opportunities for domestic brewries brewing and will engage with a few potential partners.

Danke has been very closely working with the industry to ensure the ideal market placement. They have been proactive with their marketing efforts ever since the idea started brewing. Well before the actual launch, Danke sponsored the NRAI supported, India Nightlife Convention and Awards (INCA) in September’16 held at St. Regis, Mumbai. This was the first official announcement for the launch of Danke to the who’s who of F&B industry under one roof. Danke has also got some quirky surrogate marketing plans in the pipeline, something that will be a first for the industry, typically following packaged water, soda or music albums. You will hear more on this soon.

While, the venture so far has been fully self-funded by the founders with the money raised from family and friends, Danke is currently in talks with a few potential investors to raise funds for further expansion. “While we have launched the brand, and made a great market for Danke within a short span of time, further capital infusion will expedite wider expansion and brand building. Hence, we are actively seeking external funding from right partners where the mutual association will help Danke in its endeavour and potentially offer exponential returns to the investors partnering at this stage” states Gaurav Gupta, Co-founder & CEO Danke.

With a truly international taste tweaked for the Indian palate, Danke is the perfect beer for all. Once you finish your mug of Danke you will naturally be inclined to have another one. Must say it’s difficult to resist Danke.