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Lone Wolf ups the Drinking Experience with the Launch of Alpha and Mavrick Beers in Cans

Lone Wolf after the mega success of its premium beers has launched two of their popular drinks- Lone Wolf Alpha and Lone Wolf Mavrick in cans. Earlier available in bottles, Lone Wolf has become a favorite brand among beer lovers and their availability now in cans will only enhance the drinking experience of the consumers. The two beers in can packaging will now be available in Delhi NCR and Goa followed by other cities.

Atul Kumar Singh, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Lone Wolf said, “We are amazed by the love and acceptance that we have received from our customers. Our brand has already become the default choice of many beer lovers and we are glad we are able to bring experiential new flavors and tastes to our customers. Our passion for bettering our drinks in many ways led us to launch our beer in cans. Cans preserve taste better than bottles and also keep carbonation intact, enriching the drinking experience. We are sure our customers will love the new beer cans and carry them more conveniently.”

There are many reasons why beer in cans is better than beer in bottles, and this is being leveraged by Lone Wolf. Beer in cans has less exposure to light and this helps in preserving the taste of the beer for a much longer period. For customers, it is always easier to carry a can and also beer in cans can be chilled quicker and easier than beer in bottles. In keeping with the brand’s vibrant and youth spirit, the beer cans are in premium Matt finish exuding class and elegance with striking design to make it stand apart. These canned beers resonate with the brand’s ethos, look and feel.

About Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf, born under the visionary leadership of Onkara Beverages & Hospitality Pvt Ltd within the esteemed MP Singh Group, has swiftly ascended to the highest of the beverage industry. Guided by Mr. Singh and supported by a team of seasoned industry experts, Lone Wolf embodies an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and forward-thinking vision. Crafted by a dedicated brew crew, their offerings are a testament to innovation and flavor diversity.