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Bira 91 Taproom: Celebrating Women’s Day with Limited Release Scarlet Rye Lager

Embracing the essence of Women’s Day with enthusiasm, Bira 91 Taproom proudly announces the launch of a special brew crafted exclusively for this occasion. Spearheaded by their Innovation Brewer, Kajal Manchanda, this new beer promises to elevate the celebration of womanhood to new heights. Available exclusively at the Saket and Koramangala outlets, this limited-edition creation embodies the spirit of empowerment and diversity. The choice of beer came to life with an in-house voting by the women of Bira 91 — and that’s how Scarlet Rye was born.

With over 7 years of expertise in the brewing industry, Kajal Manchanda brings unparalleled skill and passion to every concoction she crafts. At Bira 91, she has continuously pushed the boundaries of beer innovation, reflecting her unwavering dedication to the art of brewing.

Kajal Manchanda, expressed her admiration for the brewery’s female patrons, stating, “We hold our women consumers in high regard, and as a tribute to Women’s Day and the essence of womanhood, we are thrilled to unveil a truly exceptional creation Scarlet Rye. Just as women are multifaceted, the Scarlet Rye lager embodies a fusion of diverse flavors. Bold and invigorating, this new beer is poised to become a favorite among all our patrons.”

Scarlet Rye presents a delightful fusion of spicy rye complexity, malty undertones, and a hint of hop bitterness. Its smooth texture and satisfying finish leave a lingering warmth that beckons for another sip. With an alcohol content of 4.5%, Scarlet Rye is the perfect complement to Women’s Day celebrations and beyond.

This Women’s Day, raise a glass to empowerment and diversity with Bira 91 Taproom’s Scarlet Rye – a testament to the remarkable journey of women everywhere.

Exclusively availale at Bira 91 Taproom – Bengaluru Airport and Koramangala from 8th – 31st March’24