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3 Beer Brand Instagram Handles You Must Follow If You’re A Football Fan

​Beer has always been the perfect companion for every sporting event. Be it at the Stadium or from the comfort of your own couch, beer is going to help you relax and enjoy your sport. Especially if you’re a football fan, a mug of cold beer is a match made in heaven to watch that nail-biting game. To make things interesting, we’ve rounded up 3 beer brand Instagram handles you must follow if you’re a football fan.

Each year, the top 30 alcoholic beverage companies spend more than $760 million to support the biggest sporting events, clubs, and athletes. Of the 281 deals analysed by Sportcal, beer brands accounted for 89% of them.

Beer brands have always tried to associate themselves with sports, especially football. During the 2018 World Cup, 545,770,475 pints of beer were sold during an eight-week span, according to reports. Beer is by far the most closely associated beverage with football, according to statistics. Beer accounts for 61.9 percent of drinks purchased by Premier League football fans, according to MatchPint.

Brands often cater to football fans by not only sponsoring tournaments and players but also keeping football fans up to date with their favourite sport. Here are 3 Beer Brand Instagram handles you must follow if you’re a football fan.

1. @budfootball

Budweiser has a separate account for all things football. Their Instagram page is filled with fun moments from recent matches, posts about Budweiser sponsored players and also a special goal of the month post and of course, beer!

Instagram link:

2. @heineken

Heineken has been the Official Sponsor of the UEFA Champions League since 1994. The Heineken Instagram account brings you all the drama of UCL from fixtures to match day reminder posts to some awesome highlight videos of the matches.

Instagram link:

3. @carlsberg

Carlsberg was the main sponsor of Liverpool FC for 16 years, until 2010. They still sponsor Liverpool and FC Copenhagen. They even released a limited edition Red can to celebrate Liverpool FC winning the Premier League.

Instagram link:

Do you have a favourite beer style to pair with football matches? Do let us know about your favourite football team and your favourite beer in the comments section below.