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The Great Khali & Rohan Joshi Unleash Spyk – India’s OG Hard Seltzer

~Crafted and brewed  in India, Spyk hard seltzer comes in four refreshing flavours; Original, Lime, Mixed Berry & Orange~

Expanding the culture and consumption of hard seltzers in the country, Spyk launches India’s first brewed flavoured seltzers with 5.5% alcohol content and an energy quotient of 100 calories packed in both, a can and a pint.

To garner public attention and convey its light-hearted characteristics, the brand also partnered with a wrestler – The Great Khali and a comedian, Rohan Joshi in an interesting series of short films. This amalgamation of bold & tough combined with another fun and bubbly personality thoughtfully indicates towards the characteristics of a hard seltzer. Spyk strategically chose this combination to educate the viewers about the category. 

Further deepening this unexplored category and launching the brand countrywide, Vimal Chand, CEO and Co-founder of Spyk said, “The seltzer storm in the West was an inspiration to introduce hard seltzers to the Indian consumers. We’ve curated the perfect alcoholic beverage for modern and health-conscious folks. However, we also identified the gap of education that prevails in the Indian consumer market. To tackle this concern, we’ve chosen to educate our potential consumers with a twist of playfulness in the series of launch films created in collaboration with our creative agencies.” 



Spyk is currently available in close to 100 stores, hotels and restaurants in Bangalore and Hyderabad, with a plan to expand its footprint in Goa, Mumbai, and the rest of the country. 

The films were created in collaboration with the brand’s creative agencies – Django Digital and Schbang. 

About Spyk 

V9 Seltzer Works Pvt Ltd is a new age beverage company that was founded in 2018 by Vamsi Krishna and Vimal Chand, two friends who thoroughly enjoyed hard seltzer during their time in the US- where the seltzer storm has taken over. With the vision of being the market leader in the hard seltzer segment in India, V9 Seltzer Works is proud to launch India’s First Brewed Hard Seltzer- Spyk. Spyk was developed by world renowned brewing consultants, and is being manufactured at a contract brewing facility in Karnataka. V9 is based out of Hyderabad, and also has operations in Bangalore- where Spyk has also first launched. Spyk is available in Bangalore and Hyderabad currently after which they plan to become available pan India gradually. V9 is currently privately funded, and has an elaborate growth plan.