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SpectraA Technology Solutions: An Expertise In World Class Engineering

SpectraA Technology Solutions is an India-based project management company that offers end-to-end engineering, technological, design and site installation support. They primarily cater to the brewery, distillery and food industry. SpectraA Technology Solutions segregate their divisions under alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Under the alcoholic division, they have microbreweries, craft breweries, and industrial breweries.

Having an impressive portfolio of clients from the beer and brewing industry, SpectraA has a unique brand philosophy to cater to the key players of the industry. In this candid interview with Binodh Raman who is a Senior Business Development Manager from SpectraA Technology Solutions, we understand the brand ethos, future plans and many more.

SpectraA has an impressive portfolio of clients from the beer and brewing industry. How does each project vary from brand to brand and how does it align with their philosophy?

All of our projects are unique to each other. No two projects are the same. Every customer’s requirements are different. If you look at it from the outside, it might look similar but if you look at the piping or tank capacities and other aspects of it, you’ll see the difference.


SpectraA’s philosophy has always been customer service and their goodwill. We have moved quickly in the competitive market only because of this trademark of ours.

“SpectraA’s philosophy has always been customer service and their goodwill. We have moved quickly in the competitive market only because of this trademark of ours.” – Binodh Raman, Senior Business Development Manager, SpectraA Technology Solutions.

Each of these MNC companies have a very different philosophy when it comes to the production of beer. Some of our clients look for optimum sizing while others look for minimum operational cost. The standards and parameters they follow are very different from one another. Since we have been working with all these customers for the past 12 years we have an in-depth knowledge of their requirements. We work on those lines to provide customer satisfaction.

What is SpectraA’s USP? How does it stand apart from the other key players in the industry in terms of pricing, efficiency, automation etc?

We cater to different industries. For us the overheads are very less compared to the other major players in this industry. We are able to offer the same equipment with a better price point than our competitors. That makes a big difference to most of the customers. Off late, we’ve done a lot of brownfield projects in collaboration with Krones. This is where Krones supplies all of the critical equipment that are imported from Germany, and the rest of the plant is built by SpectraA. This model is designed in such a way that it reduces the overall cost of a project. This is a new concept that we are working on.


On the craft and microbrewery side, we are doing 50HL brewery, as of now, in Uttarakhand. Being cost effective is the biggest USP that we have. Additionally, we are the only equipment manufacturers in India who do their own Electrical and VLC panels along with automation and screens.

Does SpectraA offer any smarter automation solutions for the industry to brew more efficiently?

We offer many smarter automation solutions. For instance, conventionally, all uni-tanks in India used to have manual profile jackets. We started using something called omega laser jackets which were sourced from a Dutch company. This jacket increases the turbulence of glycol. Initially, it was just a plain flow of glycol which was happening in the conventional tanks. With the laser jackets, we were able to reduce the energy consumption by 25%. Faster cooling was possible by using less glycol.

What is that one project that SpectraA is proud of?

It’s a tough question. But If I have to put a name on it, it would be the Yak Brewery project in Nepal. This is where we and Krones came together and did our first greenfield project. Apart from this, we were also the first company to supply our equipment to Belgium and set up a 24 HL greenfield craft brewery in Canada.

SpectraA Technology Solutions has across-the-globe references in Nepal, Bhutan, Canada, Belgium and Africa for complete greenfield project turnkey solutions. SpectraA’s expertise starts from planning from scratch to controlling the final beer output, concept to bottle. In the case of brownfield projects, SpectaA has successfully executed expansion projects, automation of existing process equipment, optimisation of existing equipment, energy-saving and cost reduction through efficient technology.

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