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Seven Rivers – Brewed for a Flavourful India

Seven Rivers
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In terms of consumer appeal, the word “local” creates a powerful impression. There’s always a certain pride we bear when we support brands and businesses that are crafted with nativity at the core. And that’s probably why it’s such a marvellous time for craft beer lovers in India right now as Seven Rivers is all set to launch two new beer styles that are brewed for a flavourful India.

Seven Rivers is a beer made for India. It is a representation of the land we belong to. Its uniqueness stems from its penchant to bring flavours and styles which find resonance with the Indian palate. The brand will be launching two styles in the market.

Seven Rivers Hefeweizen

ABV: 6.5% | IBU: 12

Seven Rivers Hefeweizen is a strong wheat beer brewed for the Indian palate. This one is not for the faint hearted! This golden beauty is bready and malty sweet with a whiff of banana and a hint of clove. The fruity aromas heighten the appeal of this wheat-based brew.

Seven Rivers

Seven Rivers Hefeweizen

Seven Rivers Witbier

ABV: 4.5% | IBU: 8

The Seven Rivers Witbier is a take on the Belgian Classic featuring fresh notes of citrus orange and coriander. A straw hued, light and easy drinking beer, the Witbier promises to refresh in every sip.

Seven Rivers Witbier

The new designs on these labels are colourful and attractive yet clean and minimalistic. We asked Vineet Sharma, VP Marketing & New Business Development, AB InBev India, to elaborate a little more on the brand’s visual design. “The design takes inspiration from ‘The land of Seven Rivers’. If you look closely, the design tells the origin story of the ingredient. The place where the ingredient is born. The natural and unspoilt land pays homage to our terroir which brings to life these wonderful ingredients which make our beers what they are – Smooth, sessionable and very flavourful. The other element which we’ve used extensively is our septagon, our logo unit. You’ll also see this unit traverse very seamlessly in all our creatives and assets in the market.”

Seven Rivers believes in the exciting possibilities which India presents to the art and science of brewing. India is a land of myriad tastes and flavours, and it is about time that someone took the westernised beverage, that is beer, and added local flavours to make it their own. Tried and tested flavours which leave us refreshed, always. Flavours which we keep going back to. Flavours deeply embedded in the idea of belongingness to this land of Seven Rivers.

Seven Rivers

Seven Rivers Hefeweizen

Since Seven Rivers believes in the exploration of Indian flavours, what are some of the Indian elements that went into the curation of these two beer variants? We asked.

“The name Seven Rivers was something that came very naturally. We were clear that craft for us was paying homage to the homegrown. A lot of our brew philosophy at the Seven Rivers brewpub also stems from this very notion – Taking inspiration from the local palate. Moreover, our Brewpub partnership with Taj Hotels – A proud flagbearer of all things India brings alive the myriad flavours like never before. Naturally, the packaged beers coming from the house of Seven Rivers will always be a representation of local flavours – Be it the zestiness of the orange in our Witbier or the spiciness of clove in our Hefeweizen.” – Vineet Sharma, VP Marketing & New Business Development, AB InBev India.

Seven Rivers Hefeweizen has just hit the shelves and Witbier is set to launch very soon. Stay tuned for more updates.


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