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Raise your mugs and say “Skål!” to Carlsberg’s new 0.0 alcohol brew!

Carlsberg has just dropped a 0.0 alcohol beer in the Irish market. The new beer is everything you’d expect from its flagship Danish pilsner-style lager – and more. The brew retains everything – right from its refreshingly crisp, hoppy bite to its clean, caramelised malty aroma to its lightly carbonated, smooth consistency, sans the sugar and the calories. The 46-calorie beer perfectly complements the shared Danish and Irish values of balance and socialisation, without compromising on taste and quality.

“Balance is a way of life for the Danes. They like to savour the everyday, whether meeting up with friends in the pub after work and cycling home or attending a gig and getting up for a park run the next day – with Carlsberg 0.0 you can choose both.”

“The Irish and the Danes share similar values, and with an upward trend in Ireland of consumers seeking more balanced drinking choices, we’re confident that this new beer will go down incredibly well.”

– Hannah Todd, Brand Manager, Carlsberg

So how does the brewing process change for a 0.0 alcohol beer?

Image credits: Carlsberg official website

It starts with the usual ingredients used for all Carlsberg beers i.e. hops, premium barley malt and water. Yeast is then added to the fermentation and once the brewing is completed, the alcohol is gently removed from the brew. The alcohol-free beer then goes through a filtration process which helps lend it that signature “Carlsberg beer taste” that we all love so much.

Image credits: Steady Drinker

We raise a toast to new-age beer drinking that offers us more choice and freedom to do more without forsaking our favourite brew.