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Learn To Produce Dry & Aromatic Beers with Passionate Experts From Fermentis Academy

Dry & Aromatic beers have highly drinkable characteristics and are at the same time extremely flavoursome. Fermentis Academy presents a new webinar that will focus on yeast and fermentation conditions to control the dryness/attenuation and aromas expressed in beers.

The webinar will present how yeast strains with high ester potential can be managed in fermentation to achieve higher aroma levels in the final beer.

Additionally, different strategies available to brewers to achieve dry beers will be presented. The usage of diastaticus yeast strains and biotechnologies such as enzymes will be compared.

After this webinar, brewers will understand how to select key characteristics of a yeast strain and steer fermentation to produce your Dry & Aromatic beers.

How to register:

Register by following the link below:

Webinar timings:

  • Auckland  – 5 pm
  • Beijing & Singapore – 12 pm Delhi – 9:30 am
  • Hanoi – 11 am
  • Sydney – 3 pm
  • Seoul & Tokyo – 1 pm