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Kati Patang Trial Room Vol 1 Goes Offline!

Last month Kati Patang launched Kati Patang Trial Room Vol. 1 in collaboration with Brave Cave, a Mumbai based label, to explore the experimental indie music scene in India. It brought together 5 artists hailing from diverse musical backgrounds, to give form to fresh, new tunes and musical ideas. The five studio sessions include an interview, banter and each artist’s latest song. The sessions can be enjoyed on Kati Patang’s Youtube channel – Kati Patang Trial Room. (

Give a listen to all the songs on Spotify. Click here.

The initiative is set to conclude with a gig hosted in Mumbai on 10th December, featuring all five artists and their songs! Get the tickets here.

Kati Patang Trial Room

Artist Lineup and Songs


Enkore performs ‘Different’ – A bilingual hip-hop artist from Mumbai, Enkore’s music is known to be brutally honest and authentic. He draws inspiration from varied influences, ranging from Indian classical and sufi, to trap and soul.

YouTube: Enkore – Different (KATI PATANG TRIAL ROOM – VOL 1)


Lojal (pronounced Loyaal), a singer-songwriter, rapper, musician and producer Martin J Haokip sings his original song ‘Distance’ The Pune-based musician from Manipur, is a genre fluid artist experimenting in hip-hop, soul and R&B. Having received awards for his debut album Phase, Lojal treats music as a medium between the universe and self.

YouTube: LOJAL – Distance (Live at Kati Patang Trial Room – Vol 1)

Perp & Varun

Perp (Urmila Sivadas) comes together with Varun Agnihotri to perform their collaborative song ‘Best Friend’. Perp, formerly a carnatic music student, dabbles in jazz, soul, funk and hip-hop. The singer-songwriter was previously a member of the band, Mr Maloouk and The Goombas and the duo project, Safar Outre.

YouTube: Perp & Varun – Best Friend (KATI PATANG TRIAL ROOM – VOL 1)


Pruthvi sings her original song ‘Strangers on the Internet’. A poet first and a songwriter, Pruthvi’s pop-soul acoustic music draws inspiration from Taylor Swift and Phoebe Bridgers.

YouTube: Pruthvi – Strangers on the Internet (KATI PATANG TRIAL ROOM – VOL 1)


Papabear sings his original song ‘Dreams Change What They Mean’. Singer-songwriter and producer from Mumbai, PapaBear focuses on feel good music! His tunes, as warm as hugs, draw from alt pop, lofi and hip-hop genres. He is part of a band SmallTalk and the founder of Brave Cave.

YouTube: PapaBear – Dreams Change What They Mean (KATI PATANG TRIAL ROOM – VOL 1)

Album Art: Illustrated by Siddhartha Iyer ( the elaborate album art depicts all five artists in their song avatars. Each time you look at the artwork, you can spot something new. Check out the album art here:

Kati Patang Trial Room Album Art

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