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Breweries In South Bangalore Are A Vibe By Themselves

Is South Bangalore the hotspot for Breweries in Bangalore? I do feel so, because of the number of breweries in South Bangalore. Bengaluru people love to drink Beer, and we cannot agree more because of more than forty breweries here. The city has long been known as the country’s pub capital, but visitors may not realize it has long been a hub of India’s thriving IT sector. In addition, Bangalore hosts a wave of independent microbreweries and a thriving, independent craft beer scene, unlike Mumbai and New Delhi, which host swanky watering holes that stay open until the wee hours (not now due to Covid restrictions anymore). With many options around Bengaluru, we bring you the Beer Holes in South Bangalore, which seems to be the brewery capital of Bengaluru, with breweries on every three roads. 

South Bangalore’s best beer joints offer inventive pints infused with fruits, spices, or traditional grains, infusing them with flavours hard to find elsewhere. Find some good brews in Bangalore by heading to these spots.

Uru Brewpark 


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The city’s first Beerpark, URU, is nestled in the heart of JP Nagar, one of the city’s most prominent pub and microbrewery areas. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, URU should have caught your attention. Besides the brewery, the open-to-sky brewpub features a cafe, bistro, a gin garden, and a cafe. Each boasts its unique charm. This microbrewery is designed in homage to Bengaluru’s most popular nickname, the garden city, incorporating almond, peepal, and fig trees in its landscaping. At URU, you will find that both can be done with ease, whether you’re looking to stretch your legs and read a book or prepare for BBQ sessions!

Craft Beers available: Oktober Kolsch, The Mighty Weizen, Lucas’s Wit, Seasonal Brews.

Brahma Brews 

In addition to its 34,000 square feet of space, alfresco nooks, and clay-tiled roofs, it was bound to be a welcome change. One of the best Breweries in South Bangalore, offers six different beers. The most popular are Apple Cider (fruity golden Beer) and Belgian Wit (a delicious beer with a delicate, refreshing taste). In addition to Continental, American, Indian Brahma Brews also offers a few Asian dishes. Twelve inches is the size of the thin-crust wood-fired pizzas. An excellent place to catch up with friends, Brahma Brews, is known for its superb service, inventive cocktails, and spacious ambiance. 

Craft Beers available: Belgian Wit, Kolsch, Weizenbock, Ananas, Ayurveda.

Stories Brewery and Kitchen

Among the breweries in South Bangalore, Stories The Brew stands out for its fresh brews, beautiful ambiance, and sumptuous food. The chapter in BTM Layout makes a statement for this very reason. Chugging down those beer mugs while sipping spectacular handcrafted beers like Ragi IPA, Lime Pilsner, and Jamun Wit will help you celebrate the next chapter of your life. Don’t miss the food, which are refreshing bar bites that will enhance your beer experience.

Craft Beers available: Hefeweizen, Ragi IPA, Smoke Lager, Triple Wit, Apple Cider.

The Pump House 

An ode to Bangalore, this microbrewery takes its name from the first watering pump in the country. It is a sought-after place in JP Nagar for its beauty, seasonal beers like Jamun and Mango Beer, and fantastic food. Of course, there will be a waiting line, but don’t let it discourage you. At the same time, you are sipping Belgian Witbier and American Blond Ale, munch on tasty snacks like Honey Chili Lotus Stem and Grilled Tenderloin Beef Steak. The Mysore Pak With Mascarpone Mousse, the restaurant’s signature dessert, will have your taste buds praising you.

Craft Beers available: Hefeweizen, Witbier, Nitro Coffee Stout, Red IPA, Rauchbier.. 

46 Ounces Brewgarden


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Relax into the lush greenery of 46 Ounces Brewgarden without being distracted by the city’s noise and bustle, and sip your brews in the company of your loved ones. Order their Stout, American Pale Ale, and Kolsch between admiring the place and their craft beers. You can get a taste of authentic Thai Green Curry, cheesy Cannelloni Florentine, and the whole Chick Flick Platter at the Rock Room. 

Craft Beers available: Indian Pale Lager, Hefeweizen, Kolsch, Weizenbock  

Levitate Brewery and Kitchen

Levitate Brewery and Kitchen provides an open-air rooftop atmosphere that’s great for watching the city life of Bangalore while enjoying great food and drinks. The building is located near JP Nagar and Vega City mall. A wide variety of appetizers, desserts, and craft beer is available for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

Craft Beers available: Wheat, Lager, Dark, Wheat Strong, Lager Strong

By The Peepal 


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This quaint area of town is the perfect location for just a chill-out vibe at By the Peepal. They serve great beers and ciders. Their interior is beautiful (including a balcony surrounded by trees). The restaurant spans over three floors (indoor, patio, and rooftop seating), with a menu that specializes in starters and short eats (Indo-Chinese, Indian, and Continental). 

Craft Beers available: Belgian Wit, Oatmeal Stout, 60 minute IPA, Mango Goose, Apple Cider. 

Brew Meister 


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Brewmeister is a unique experience. A rooftop microbrewery located in Bangalore with an incredible kitchen, offering culinary treasures from everywhere and a wide selection of beers, cocktails, and spirits. A gorgeous rooftop ambiance catalyzes the experience into a unique and memorable experience that creates a lasting memory. Their cocktails are naughty, exciting, and perfectly complement the atmosphere of the dining area. Moreover, their Beer is so good that it will immediately lift your spirits. With a diverse range of flavour profiles, alcohol levels, and distinct appeal, each of their six beers makes them popular with beer nerds and beer enthusiasts alike.

Craft Beers available: Stout, Witbier, Pale Ale, Pilsner, Seasonal Beers. 

What The Ale? 


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What the Ale? It is a microbrewery and cocktail bar in Electronic City, serving delicious food and good Beer. You are welcomed by a warm, sleek, chic yet relaxed vibe upon entering. There are tastefully decorated tables, comfortable chairs, and mood lighting for open-air dining – just as we like it! 

Craft Beers available: Belgian Wit, Hibiskiss, Passionfruit Blonde, Hefeweizen, Raspberry Cider

Wall Street Sky Lounge 

The Wall Street Sky Lounge offers romantic dining in a sky-lit rooftop area and a heated indoor dining area. Their handcrafted beers include Vanilla, Hefe, IPA, and Stout. There isn’t one favorite. The beers in this list would make you drunk in no time.

Craft Beers available: IPA, Witbier, Vanilla Ale, Stout, Hefeweizen

*Seasonal beers are available in most of the breweries.