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All Stars Tap Takeover 2022 – A Celebration Of Craft Beer Culture

Pune’s first microbrewery, Doolally, known for its artisanal brews, is all set to woo the beer lovers and enthusiasts with ‘All Stars Tap Takeover 2022’. All breweries, home brewers and mad scientists in Mumbai & Pune are gearing up to participate in the craziest and biggest tap takeover celebration in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Oliver Schauf, Doolally’s brewmaster, fondly known as the grumpy grandfather of brewing in India, has invited the kids on the block to create special beers for this takeover. The whole idea is for the breweries, and their brewmasters to showcase their wild experiments. For this Tap Takeover, microbreweries have come up with unique beers and fruit ciders while exploring ingredients like toffee, caramel, basil, cucumber, kokum, coconut husk, hibiscus, apples, mangoes and plenty more.

Ingredients for All Stars Tap Takeover 2022

When asked about the original idea behind curating ‘All Stars Tap Takeover’, Oliver responded saying “The All Stars Tap Takeover 2022 is a celebration of our state’s craft beer culture. The idea of the festival that Doolally is organising is not to compete but collaborate and create a strong community of craft beer and cider drinkers in Maharashtra. Plus it’s a great excuse for the 20+ craft breweries and meaderies to get together to showcase really special ingredients, recipes, styles and techniques that go into the pint that sits in front of you.”

“It is important for microbreweries to come together like this. After all, the first-ever craft beer in India was brewed right here in Pune, making Maharashtra the birthplace of craft beer in India. In the past too, Doolally has created events like Rising Stars and The Great Indian Cider & Mead Festival so that our small community of brewmasters, brewers and even homebrewers explore unique and local ingredients and create something really special for our community of hopheads and craft beer enthusiasts.” – Oliver Schauf, Brewmaster, Doolally.

All Stars Tap Takeover 2022

Events like this help brewers, breweries and brands from the entire state to come together and put their brand out in front of the consumers. This also sort of expands their reach. “The microbrewery industry is still very small. These events help us share knowledge, techniques, recipes and even raw materials. And the results are so diverse and wonderful. It’s also a space where breweries can experiment and craft small-batch special beers and ciders while exploring ingredients that are truly local.” says Oliver.

Additionally, it also allows breweries to experiment with locally sourced unique ingredients. “This time, breweries have explored ingredients like toffee, caramel, basil and peppercorn. There’s even an ale made from malt that’s smoked with coconut husks, plus Ciders that are going way beyond just apples with hibiscus, mango, and strawberries! Meaderies too are using jamuns, and pomegranates. It really is an incredible time to be a craft beer, cider and mead drinker in Maharashtra.” Oliver signs off.

What’s On Tap?

Here’s a list of breweries participating along with their beers & ciders that they plan to showcase.

Line-up of beers at the All Stars Tap Takeover 2022

Crafters: Cucumber Lager, Citra Wit

Kimaya Brewing Co: Mango Wheat Ale, Kokum Cider

Brew Whale Craft Beer: Bandruh Brew (Mild Lager), Blonde by the Beach (Blonde Ale)

2 Down Beer Co: Basil Blonde (American Blonde Ale), Pretty Please (Cream Ale)

Hapi Beer Co: HIBIKKI (Hibiscus Cider), Rize Lager (Rice-based Lager)

Toit: Stray Apple Cider

Effingut: Very Berry Cider, Hefeweizen (German Wheat Beer)

Lost River Brewing Co: Washington Wit (American Wheat Ale), Dunkel Original (Dunkel Lager)

Yavasura: Basil Peppercorn Wit, Crème Noir (Milk Stout)

BrewDog: Pomello Pirate (Grapefruit IPA), Ten to Tango (Tangerine IPA)

Oi Brewing Co: Hard Seltzer, Coconut-Husk Smoked Ale

Bombay Duck Brewing: Bombae Lager, Rice and Shine (Farmhouse Ale)

Igloo Craft Beers: Dabble Dubble (Belgian Dubbel), Second Summer (German Pilsner)

Brewantee: Belgian Wit, Black Lager

Great State Ale Works: Brut Bajra Pale Ale, Sunny Afternoon (NEIPA)

Moonshine Meadery: Salted Kokum Mead, Coffee Vanilla Mead

Cerana Meads: Jamun Melomel, Pomegranate Melomel, Chenin Blanc Pyment

Drifters: German Lager (Helles), Kokum Cider

Gateway Brewing Co: BEST Lager, Rosé Wine Gose

Brewbot: Draft Punk (Session IPA), Botwork Orange (Wit)

Wildcraft: Mulberry Cider, Coffee Orange Cider

Dates : 8th, 9th & 10th April, 10 AM – 1:30 AM

Venue : Doolally Taproom, Khar, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Entry : Free

Register :