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Yakima Chief Announces Their 5th Annual Pink Boots Blend

Each year, women from the Pink Boots Society collaborate with Yakima Chief Hops to select the annual blend recipe. For the 5th annual blend, YCH was able to offer a virtual selection kit to any active Pink Boots Chapter in the world! This resulted in more than 60 kits being delivered to multiple countries, including Czech Republic, Canada, Australia, South Africa and the USA.

Each chapter conducted their own sensory analysis on multiple hop varieties and submitted the recipe for their “dream blend.” With those submissions, our sensory and planning teams strategically compiled the information on the most frequently selected hops and at what percentages. YCH created three final blend recipes that best represented the overall information gathered and the PBS chapters were asked to cast their vote!

Each team then submitted their top choice for the final blend, resulting in an overwhelming 50% of the teams choosing Blend A! Blend A consists of Idaho Gem™, HBC 630, Talus™, Triumph and Loral®. The expected brewing values are 12.5% alpha, with expected aromas of citrus, sweet aromatics and berry. Stay tuned for the official blend description in early January!

Expected brewing values. Source: Yakima Chief

“The 5th Annual Pink Boots Blend starts with women from the ground up” says Tiffany Pitra, YCH Sensory Manager. “This year’s blend recipe is exciting because it features Idaho Gem™, a variety developed by a women-run hop farm, Gooding Farms, in Parma, Idaho. The selection process was not only an opportunity to create a new blend, but also an opportunity for us to educate PBS members about sensory analysis and hop blending. Now it’s up to breweries to brew beers with a purpose and promote the education and advancement of women in the industry. It’s amazing to know this blend will raise money for an inspiring organization and make delicious beer – that’s truly something to celebrate!”

Yakima Chief Pink Boots
5th Annual Pink Boots Blend. Source: Yakima Chief

“This partnership sprung legs five years ago and has morphed into something bigger than beer. I am so excited to see what comes of this year’s blend and what impact it has on communities across the world. Please reach out to me if you have an idea to spark conversation, encourage partnership and build community. I am incredibly humbled and appreciative of all the hard work everyone puts into making the world a more inclusive space for all. However, donations and collaboration don’t need to stop here. I encourage you to seek opportunities to connect deeper with your community. Find a cause that is close to your heart to amplify and encourage continuous support to bring communities together and toast pints to benefit education of women in the industry” – Kelly Lohrmeyer, YCH Field Marketing Manager, Pink Boots Blend.

The blend is now available for pre-sale for commercial brewers worldwide. A portion of the sales proceeds benefits the Pink Boots Society scholarship program which exists to assist, inspire and encourage women in the fermented beverage industry to advance careers through education. The deadline to submit orders is December 15, allowing time to process and ship the blend before International Women’s Day on March 8th!

For more information, visit Yakima Chief’s website.

News provided by Yakima Chief Hops.