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This International Beer Day, Get Your Growls Up With Gateway Brewing Co.

With the world celebrating International Beer Day this August, here’s some more introductory and exciting news for you. Gateway Brewing Co. releases the most cherished and awaited beer back in town – Drumrolls for the legendary A1 IPA. Gateway Brewing Co. has been working on making a new variant using fruity aromas and flavors from the Cryo Citra Hops.

India Pale Ale that came from England to India in the 1800s has now been recreated in a modern way right back at you. This beer has the qualities of any A1 product but, what does A1 mean you may ask. A1 is a classic moniker that has been used to denote top-class quality products. It started off with Lloyd’s shipping list as they used it to designate the most superior vessel in the sea. Later on, the name caught hold of all the best things in the market and grew over India.

While talking about the A1 IPA, it’s definitely a fitting name for a revered British style of beer that was shipped to India in the 1800s. Made with the choicest aroma hops, and locally grown malt (made in India), this Single Malt beer with a Single Hop is a true representation of top-class, A1. This beer gives out a heady aroma of citrus and pine while also possessing a deep golden color and a tight white head. The generous quantities of malted barley give sweet tones after which it finishes dry with a rounded but firm bitterness.

This legendary A1 beer is available in a 1 liter Pet bottle and Gateway’s ‘Party Kegs’ holds 5 liters which can provide around 15 glasses of beer. With all filled with fresh brews on demand, all one needs to do is to chill them & get pouring. While at it, one doesn’t need to step out and can easily order this winner at the comfort of their homes via Gateway’s Instagram handle @gatewaybrewery or order from their website. They are well sanitized and safely delivered. The best option is to visit their store and enjoy their walls full of stories to tell.

This World beer day, get your booze off of the snooze with the one and only A1 IPA  by Gateway Brewing Co.!