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STOK Beer’s “Stok N’ Chill” Brings Exclusive Comedy to Next-Gen Indians on YouTube

Stok, a beer brand based in Indore offering premium quality beer and urging its consumers to “live the chill,” is thrilled to announce the launch of its YouTube channel “STOK ‘n CHILL.” This new platform marks a significant milestone for STOK in its evolution from a beer brand, to a purveyor of ‘living the chill’ in today’s stressed-out world. The YouTube channel will serve as a home for discovering outstanding comic talent under the banner of “Laughter Brewery”, aimed at spreading a stress-free lifestyle through humour, joy, and shared experiences for the GenZ.

As part of the launch strategy, Laughter Brewery will showcase 10 stand-up comedians. The opening series will feature influential comic artists like Anirban Dasgupta, Karunesh Talwar and Siddharth Shetty among others. The channel’s programming will extend to 50+ artists through the year, and go beyond YouTube with laughter-infused live events designed to light-up the audience and to drive cross-platform participation. Eventually, Stok’s commitment towards continuously bringing fresh laughter and joy to audiences will be underlined through a thrilling annual talent hunt at the end of each season.

Laughter Brewery is the first of many platforms to be launched by Stok as it strives to become the modern definition of Indian youth culture.

Vedant Kedia, Chief Growth Officer, MEBL, shares his thoughts on the initiative, “We want the STOK brand to be synonymous with chilling in a stressful world. Via Laughter Brewery, we aim to discover and support everyday comic talent that can help further our mission of creating a modern community-driven brand. The ‘Live The Chill’ philosophy is all about bringing people together, and allowing them to rediscover the power of human connections through the lens of humour, experiences, and purpose, which drive modern Indian youth”

Nitin Gupta, Founder and MD at Asymmetrique,  the partner agency behind the brand, expresses his enthusiasm stating, “Our vision for STOK is to create a unique GenZ beer brand that provides a distinctive experiential journey to its consumers. We aim for STOK to seamlessly integrate into emerging modern subcultures, thereby building a proudly Indian yet unpretentious lifestyle beer brand.”

Check out the youtube video here.

About STOK

STOK, a premium beer brand based in Indore, operates under Mount Everest Breweries Ltd., one of India’s rapidly growing breweries. Launched in 2019, STOK aims to establish itself in the premium beer market, symbolising joy and camaraderie akin to the endearing traits of a Panda. It encourages its customers to unwind and relax keeping aside the regular hustle and bustle of daily routine.  STOK falls under the umbrella of Mount Everest Breweries Ltd., a subsidiary of Associated Alcohols and Breweries Ltd. (AABL), listed on NSE and BSE. With a 34-year history in the alcohol industry, AABL is one of India’s largest distilleries, capable of producing 45 MLPA of extra-neutral alcohol and branded liquor.