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Praras Biosciences: A Pioneering Business Organisation That Prioritises Sustainability

Praras Biosciences is a pioneering bioscience company that was incorporated in the year 2007. The organisation has been able to create a niche in the food and beverages industry by offering world class bio chemicals for diverse industries like Beverages, Food, Plantation and Microbial Solutions (Bio-Enzyme).

The company operates with a motto of ‘SARVA BHUTA HITE RATAH’ (For The Well-Being Of All Earthly Elements) and aims to continuously improve the quality of their products, develop new solutions, better processes, and ensure growth for all of their stakeholders. “We play an active part by offering products which improve process efficiency and product quality. By using our products one can reduce processing time and more efficient use of the raw materials.” says Mr. Sharad Ojha, President of Sales & Marketing, Praras Biosciences.

Praras Biosciences offer a comprehensive range of biochemicals which add value to the beer and brewing process. With products such as CarraFlocAid® and FlocAid®, increase in wort recovery and filtration efficiency is effortlessly achievable. Similarly, targeting the fermentation process, the company offers products such as FermAid® Brew AF and FermAid®B, with which the fermentation efficiency can be significantly increased.

“The brewing industry can achieve sustainability goals using enzyme technology because they improve the efficiency of raw material utilisation and reduce the process time.” – Mr. Sharad Ojha, President of Sales & Marketing, Praras Biosciences.

While emphasising more about the sustainability challenges, Mr. Sharad said, “. As an additive supplier to the craft brewing industry, we see opportunities for our products because we foresee the increase in the price of the raw materials. Thereby, putting pressure on the craft breweries to sustain quality and cost.”

PrARAS Biosciences follows quality systems which reflect in their certifications such as FSSC 22000, FSSAI etc. They are an application research-based company and the products that they create are based on the requirements of the customers. With an R & D lab that follows all the standards set by the government and a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, Praras Biosciences maintains an impressive clientele.

For further information on Praras® Biosciences brewery/microbrewery products, visit or write directly to