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This Monsoon, Get Cheersing With These Newly Infused Brews By Gateway Brewing Co.

As we commence in the midst of the year, with the carousel of the rainy season to greet us alongside with its lovely magical showers, it’s time to bid adieu to the hot and prickly summers. Let’s fix this time to welcome an infusion that one definitely did not see coming. Gateway Brewing Co. has introductory news for all the brew lovers this season. Gateway Brewing Co. has always stepped up its beer game by infusing new flavors for the win.

This season their two new flavors American Pale Ale & Chai Tea Porter are out and ready to be indulged into. Chai Tea Porter is a brew made with spices of masala chai. While its aromatic, warm & delicious notes similar to the masala chai are perfect for the monsoons, the rich caramel & toffee notes in the aromatic and firmly bitter American Pale Ale are perfect for a day of heavy downpour. This is to say goodbye to summer.

American Pale Ale by Gateway Brewing Co.

“Rain means it is time for some hot spicy tea and along those lines, our Chai Tea Porter is an infusion of chai spices to bring in the warmth on a dreary rainy day. Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon & other spices make up the superbly aromatic infusion that blends perfectly with the caramel, toffee & roast notes of the Bombay Porter.” – says Navin Mittal, Owner of Gateway Brewing Co.

These humdingers are available in a 1 liter Pet bottle and Gateway’s ‘Party Kegs’ holds 5 liters which can provide around 15 glasses of beer. They are filled with fresh brews on demand, all one needs to do is to chill them & get pouring while enjoying the showers in their personal space or partying with loved ones.

To order one can visit their brand experience retail store in Mumbai or order online from their Instagram handle or log on to their website while being comfortably seated at home. The delivery is done safely with proper sanitization.

Chai Tea Porter by Gateway Brewing Co.

The warming feeling of the Chai Tea Porter & the Rich caramel & toffee notes in the aromatic and firmly bitter American Pale Ale sounds like a great way to enjoy the heavy downpour with family and friends.