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Fermentis Launches SafAle W-68™, a World-Renowned Strain Tailored for Flavorful, German-Style Wheat Beers

This Active Dry Yeast is ideal for balanced wheat-based beers with phenolic and fruity estery notes; now available in dry form. 

As more and more brewers strive to create wheat beers with a specific range of nuanced flavours, Fermentis is launching a POF+ yeast ideal for brewing the typical German styles in this category. SafAle W-68™, a world-renowned German strain, is selected for brewing wheat beers with moderate attenuation, medium phenolic flavours and fruity estery notes. It enhances the distinctive characteristics of popular German White styles while preserving their essence. This results in wheat beers with the distinct aroma, flavour, body and foam retention most desired in German-style wheat beers.

SafAle W-68™ joins SafAle™ WB-06 in the Fermentis portfolio to give brewers more choices in creating specific styles of wheat beers. Brewers are encouraged to experiment with both yeast strains to create exceptional German, Belgian, or other wheat beer styles. Indeed, those strains develop distinct balanced flavours and related beer characteristics; also depending on recipe and processing parameters.   

Fermentis is dedicated to providing brewers with reliable, easy-to-use tools for creating delicious, flavourful beers. And because SafAle W-68™ is an E2U™ certified product, brewers can pitch the yeast directly into the wort, or choose to rehydrate it – enjoying the same results either way. It’s one more way Fermentis supports the creativity and production of people who are passionate about the beers they brew.

Fermentis, a company that creates fermentation solutions for brewers, winemakers and all producers of fermented beverages, is a business unit of Lesaffre Group, a global key player in yeast and all its applications for over 170 years. All fermentation products from Fermentis are developed with unsurpassed expertise under meticulous production procedures, which guarantees the highest microbiological purity and maximum fermentation activity.

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