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Eat a beer with Regrained

Jordan Schwartz & Dan Kurzrock

Co-Founders of Regrained

With the great power to brew, comes a greater responsibility that of creating a sustainable brewery! There is no doubt that the process of brewing beer, results in brewery waste such as spent grain, turb, spent yeast and diatomaceous earth slurry from filtration. Beer has four main ingredients: water, yeast, hops, and grains. When brewers make beer, they extract sugar from the grains (like barley, wheat and millet) by soaking them in hot water. The sugary liquid is then drained, and yeast converts the sugar into alcohol. But the original grains are generally thrown out, and this has always left plausible cause to create a difference. “After seeing how much grain was produced by their own home brew, Dan & Jordan realized that breweries must be encountering the same disposal issues as them. There was also no company taking advantage of this nutritious byproduct to upcycle it into food for humans. ReGrained would both solve a waste issue and close a nutrient loop”, adds Cassidy Lundy, Community Manager, ReGrained.

The first ReGrained granola bar was baked in 2013 by Jordan Schwartz and Dan Kurzock, founders of ReGrained. While completing their under graduation from UCLA, the duo used to brew their own beer and read about bakers who use leftover grains to procure loafs of bread. Following suit, they started baking & selling bread with the modest aim of making enough money to brew beer for free. “Our goal is to help urban breweries to do more with what they produce.” Kurzrock stated in an interview. “We’re taking something that’s typically wasted and turning it into something delicious.”

What ReGrained Does

Dan Kurzrock, ReGrained Blog.

Brewer’s waste, also known as brewer’s grain or spent grain, is a byproduct of the brewing process. Beer begins with a mash of barley (and sometimes other grains), and hot water which after an hour or so of enzymatic activity, converts the grain’s starch into sugar and is then drained and rinsed to extract that sugar. Left behind are the starchy endosperm, residual protein and whatever residual sugars that couldn’t be rinsed away. These protein and fibre rich leftovers are excellent feed for everything. As long as brewers are making beer, they’re also making a co-product.

ReGrained is more than a bar. Our brand represents a platform for valuing resources. We’re crafting a much-needed ecosystem service for the newest movement in one of the world’s oldest industries. We’re transforming beer “waste” into food, built around Beer Flour”,

So how does one get a hold of this yummy goodness? ReGrained appeals to a beer-centric audience via social media marketing strategies & beer event marketing.

It is also available for purchase on popular e-commerce sites like Amazon. Yes, we already have a large audience that extends beyond the beer drinking world. These categories include gourmet food, family life, health & wellness, outdoor adventure, sustainability and upcycling.