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Say Hello To Mumbai’s Newest Tap Station: Drifters Brewing Company Now Open In Bandra!

Drifters Breweries, the magnum opus of Sheetal and Nayan Shah, launches Drifters Tap Station in the heart of Mumbai on the 20th January 2021. Located in the busy street of Bandra, Linking Road amidst many restaurants, pubs and lounges, the brewery marks the opening of their first-ever Tap Station in India, following the success of their Growler Stations in Pune and Mumbai’s Powai and Thane.

Inside Drifters Tap Station, Bandra

The new 2,200-square feet outlet with rustic interiors has elements in the decor radiating energy that will help one unwind and take in the energy the place has to offer. The elements put together showcases the brand’s inimitable aesthetic and the details that exactly replicate their standards and quality. The outlet has an indoor and outdoor section with 100 seats where the ground floor gives a vibe of a beer garden, and the first floor has comfortable interiors featuring a big beer tower with 12 taps and hand-painted brewing process in the entire double-height staircase with different beer names painted artwork on a wall.

Drifters founder Nayan Shah with wife and business partner, Sheetal

A beer aficionado in every sense, Nayan Shah is a man who wanted to get behind the censorial side of beer after realizing that flavour is the start and end of everything beer. His vision and passion for the perfect brew lead to the formation of Drifters Breweries that was born out of the need for handcrafted beers in the city. With a vision of spreading the love for crafted beer with others who appreciate nothing but the finest, he strives toward putting Drifters Breweries on the beer maps of one of the top quality craft breweries of India to supply all over the nation and also export to other parts of the world.

The prospect of establishing more craft beer serving outlets in major cities in Maharashtra has Shah occupied and exhilarated by the responsiveness of more individuals being open to experimenting with Eastern European hand-crafted beers in India, Shah was happy to partner with his wife Sheetal to change the face of the beer industry in India, one brew at a time!

“Several years ago when I began my tryst with the brewing industry, I had envisioned having Drifters Breweries on the beer map of India where the brand would be known for top quality craft brews. I am grateful to have set out on this journey with my wife Sheetal who defines positivity and we feel being a craft beer brand we should not limit ourselves only to growlers stations. We feel there’s a string demand amongst our customers to have a sit down place where they can have our beers along with some good food. This is what led us to the opening of Tap Stations.”Nayan Shah, Managing Director, Drifters Breweries

What Can You Expect? 

Brewed to perfection the beers at Drifters Tap Station enhance the flavours of the food using its subtle ingredients. Each beer uses an ingredient that brings out a side of beer never experienced before.

The beer menu at Drifters Tap Station includes a wide range of unique handcrafted beers

Craft beer lovers in Bandra can now indulge in the signature taste of Drifter’s beers like the Belgian Wit, German Lager, Cream Stout and more! The microbrewery also offers various delicious concoctions of the golden alcobev such as the Vienna Lager, which has a subtle biscuity-nutty aspect complemented by a gentle creaminess and the caramel and tropical fruit flavour-infused American IPA, that smells of pineapple, grapefruit and lychee with a slightly bitter finish. The refreshing and easy-to-drink Kokum Cider, one of Drifters’ best-sellers, will give you a sweet fizzy punch along with a subtle but distinct cumin aroma and just a hint of spices. There is a Drifters beer for every mood!

As for the lavish food menu, it includes an extravagant offering from diverse cuisines. Opt for the freshly curated beer bites like Jalapeno Pepper Cheese Garlic Bread, Sichuan Chilli Prawns, Harissa Hummus or classics such as Nachos, Cheese Garlic Bread, and Peri Peri Fries with Spicy Tangy Sauce. The menu includes appetizers such as Mushroom Crostini, Bil Lamhe Chicken, and more complimenting the beers.

For those of you who have already paid this place a visit, tell us what beer you liked the best and why!