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Drifters Breweries Launches LBW Lager With Their Lager Festival

Drifters Breweries, the magnum opus of Sheetal & Nayan Shah, kick-starts Lager Festival this March for IPL 2022, and what will be a better occasion than this to announce the launch of a new Lager brew than an on-going Lager Festival?

As India gears up for the IPL matches, Drifters Tap Station this season will be a perfect place for all the beer and cricket enthusiasts to elevate their experience of the T20 matches with IPL Lager Festival at the tap station.

Fest Line-up

LBW, a Millet & Rice Lager, that is uniquely dry hopped and brewed with use of Bajra (Pearl Millet) & Rice. It is pale-coloured, highly carbonated and very refreshing, good for hot summers.

Lager Festival
LBW Lager

ABV: 5.0% | IBU: 12

The four styles of Lager to be served at the brewery are German Lager (Helles) – dry and refreshing “Wiener Helles” is a traditional German pale lager with a predominant hoppy aroma along with noble hops, Saaz. A Czech Pilsner called Charles de Pils is a bottom-fermented pilsner style lager which has a clean/light, crisp, smooth maltiness balanced with gentle hop flavours. Vienna Lager (Mozart’s Magic), which has a slight biscuity or a nutty aspect with gentle creaminess to it and their new launch LBW Lager (Millet & Rice Lager), a special beer made with Millet (sorghum), Rice, Oats, which gives out a good mouthfeel and dry hopping of American citrus hops makes this a unique brew.

IPL Lager Fest also has a combo of 4 beers where you can get all of these lagers in one go.

– Czech Pilsner (Charles de Pils)

– German Lager (Helles)

– Vienna Lager (Mozart’s Magic)

– LBW Lager (Millet & Rice Lager)

Drifters Breweries boasts of serving the highest number of Lagers any Microbrewery is serving at one time in Maharashtra. Checkout Drifters Breweries website or Instagram for more information.