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CollabFest: The Most-Awaited Revelry For Beer Lovers in Town is Back!

~A 2-week celebration of all things craft under one roof with 10+ breweries serving up to 20+ epic beers.~

BrewDog, the legendary Scottish craft beer powerhouse with 110+ outlets across the globe, is coming together to celebrate everything craft with its annual IP! BrewDog bars worldwide brew a custom beer with their local brewery and pour it across for a super hoppy weekend.

In India, the celebration starts on the 19th of October’23 across all BrewDog bars for 2-weeks. Enjoy breweries like Gobby, BrewWhale, Arko, Hapi, Brew Bot, Lost River, Touche, Gateway, Hik, Bombay Duck, and Rolling Mills. Etc, pouring some unique and creative beers on the tap! The patrons can try out some exciting new beer flavours and have a good time with friends, families, and furry friends!

These celebrated brands will ensure that festival-goers have an opportunity to savour an exquisite selection of craft beers, ranging from hoppy ales to rich stouts and everything in between. With such a diverse lineup, there’s something for everyone’s palate at this year’s CollabFest.

What’s more? Craft beer aficionados can look forward to a host of entertaining events such as Karaoke Nights, World Music performances, beery Brunches, Stand-up Comedy, Bar games and much more to keep them entertained throughout the festival.

Whether you’re a seasoned beer connoisseur or simply looking to unwind with friends and family, CollabFest is the perfect occasion to come together, enjoy exceptional brews, and create lasting memories. Come join us at the CollabFest from October 19th to November 2nd, and let’s make this year’s festival a party for the ages. Cheers to good times, great brews, and endless laughter!