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Heineken And Hey Neighbour Festival Turn Strangers Into Neighbours With 65,000 Cheers

In a historic gathering that transcended borders and cultures, Heineken brought together more than 65,000 passionate music lovers from across Africa for the grand finale of its 150-year anniversary celebration on the continent at the Hey Neighbour Festival held in Pretoria.

This celebration not only underscored the magnitude of the brewer’s legacy but also highlighted its enduring commitment to fostering good times and creating lasting memories.

For decades, Heineken has been a beacon of shared moments for Africans, drawing individuals together from diverse interests including music, fashion, movies and sports. This rich history culminated at the festival where over 65,000 attendees participated in a jubilant toast commemorating Heineken’s 150th year anniversary.

Nabil Nasser, Global Head of the Heineken Brand, expressed, “The Hey Neighbour Festival was a remarkable showcase of Heineken’s commitment to delivering good times with every sip. Hosting attendees from across Africa at the festival solidifies our dedication to fostering connections and creating platforms that transcend barriers and bring the continent together.”

The festival grounds at the Legends Adventure Farm became a melting pot of cultural exchange, where attendees from across African nations such as Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, and beyond reveled in the electrifying performances of renowned artists like Kendrick Lamar, Tyla, Swedish House Mafia, The Chainsmokers, Nasty C, H.E.R., Sauti Sol, Khalid, and Focalistic.

The transformation of 65,000 strangers to neighbours underscored the power of Heineken’s legacy in transcending geographical boundaries. Attendees shared stories of travel from their respective countries, expressing admiration for Heineken’s role in creating an inclusive platform for cultural exchange and revelry.

Reflecting on the overwhelming turnout, Valdemiro Jose, a festival attendee from Mozambique, shared, “I travelled miles to join this celebration, and it’s incredible to see how Heineken has brought us all together. The energy, the music, and the diversity here—it’s an experience I’ll cherish.”

Warren Le Grange, Creative Director, Khoi Kreative, the festival organisers, adds, “Hey Neighbour transcends entertainment; it symbolises a collective celebration of music, culture and the beautiful tapestry of diversity. The festival embodies an immersive journey, uniting neighbours as friends through the power of music and we’re glad to have been able to provide the perfect platform for the culmination of Heineken’s 150th anniversary celebration in Africa.”