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Biergarten Unveils ‘Always Familiar’ Experience at Grand Launch of Manyata Outlet

Biergarten, the iconic microbrewery synonymous with Bangalore’s social heartbeat, marks another milestone as it opens its newest outlet at Manyata Business Park. In seven years, Biergarten has evolved from a place of exquisite beers to a community, a cherished space where friendships blossom, and memories thrive. Now, as they toast to the next seven years, the grand unveiling at Manyata is not just an expansion but a testament to the enduring connection we share with our patrons.

Nikhil Wahi, Co-founder of Biergarten, asserts, “Manyata is a turning point for us. We’re not just extending our legacy; we’re crafting a new narrative. The ‘Always Familiar’ brand is an homage to our community, setting the stage for ambitious endeavors. Expect experimental craft beers, exclusive food festivals, immersive community initiatives, curated micro-experiences, and more.”

Biergarten’s new brand promise, ‘Always Familiar,’ captures the essence of consistent excellence in food, beer, and service. The redesigned identity, featuring a Biergarten leaf morphing into a butterfly, mirrors the social vibrancy of our community—a visual testament to the genuine Biergarten spirit.

Biergarten at Manyata Tech Park spans 10,000 sqft, seamlessly blending expansive and intimate spaces. The centrally placed bar, adorned with beer taps, forms the heart of the venue, creating a focal point visible from every angle. The warm ambiance, crafted through natural tones, terracotta tiles, and eco-friendly lime plaster, invites guests to experience the brewing process first hand with an exposed brewery and kitchen.

Biergarten Manyata Tech Park  offers an inviting space that balances expansiveness with intimacy, offering a setting that is both cozy and compelling. It is not just a space; it’s a tribute to the community and a celebration of seven years of excellence. It unfolds an exciting new chapter, where familiar experiences and exceptional moments await.

About Biergarten

Biergarten, a 7-year-old microbrewery, stands as the epitome of Bangalore’s finest beers. Renowned for the refreshing “Hefeweizen,” the rich “Red Ale,” and the crisp “Pilsner,” Biergarten boasts two outlets in Koramangala and Whitefield, with the new venture at Manyata Tech Park. Its exceptional ambiance, vast spaces, and diverse global cuisines make Biergarten the ultimate destination for creating unforgettable moments.