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BrewDog And La Trappe Come Together For Made Blue

Header image credits: La Trappe

La Trappe and BrewDog have launched a limited edition Quadrupel to support ‘Made Blue’, which fights for clean drinking water for everyone in the world. It is one of the rare collaborations which is specifically built around a cause. This limited edition Quadrupel, christened as ‘Practise What You Preach’, is where the monks meet punks to mark a collaboration between tradition and innovation.

Where Monks Meet Punks

BrewDog and La Trappe are two different worlds that are quite in contrast with each other when it comes to the communication and beer styles. Yet, they believe in a common purpose of making the world a better place. BrewDog and La Trappe are no strangers to supporting water sustainability. Both of these brands have been contributing to this cause for a while now and with this unique product, they are adding in clean water to their portfolio.

Made Blue

Made Blue is an organisation which invests in water projects to ensure everybody across the globe has access to clean water. That being said, all the proceeds made from Practise What You Preach beer, straight-away benefit Made Blue.

Brother Isaac of Brouwerij de Koningshoeven. Courtesy: La Trappe

“This special collaboration not only ensures a delicious beer, but also a major social contribution. Even though brands are sometimes far apart, we show that joining forces can lead to wonderful ideas with a result that you can fully support.” – Brother Isaac, Brouwerij de Koningshoeven (La Trappe)

Practise What You Preach – Limited Edition

A limited edition beer which represents tradition and innovation was brewed at La Trappe’s monastery back in January 2021. The limited edition Trappist beer is a Belgian Quadrupel brewed with Scottish Heather Honey and American hops – Simcoe & HBC 692. Clocking in at 10% ABV, the beer’s exploration of past and present was developed over an early morning tasting at BrewDog’s HQ in Ellon. The result is a ruby-hued beer that boasts aromas of rich dried fruits and sweet honey. Hints of citrus fruits run subtly throughout, cutting through the sticky mouthfeel to balance out the sweetness.

La Trappe BrewDog
Practise What You Preach – A Belgian Quadrupel

“It was winter 2019 when this collaboration was first on the cards, but took a back seat for obvious reasons. Finally, we’re so excited to share this truly unique meeting of worlds with you. I was inspired by Trappist beers way back when I was training to be a brewer, and for us to create something alongside this historically iconic brewery is a dream come true. The beer itself speaks volumes about this collaboration: rich, boozy, layered with notes of dried fruits and that distinctive Belgian yeast profile. It’s big, bold and we may or may not have put some in whisky casks to release later this year..” says Martin Dickie, Co-Founder, BrewDog

It is already available in a limited edition exclusively at the Tasting Room, the Monastery Shop, and in a number of other catering locations. In the UK, it is available at BrewDog’s bars as well as on the brewer’s website.