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Bangalore Breweries And Bartenders Go Digital

With the introduction of Covid 19, most Bangalore Breweries, Bars, Restaurants, and Cafes have switched from paper menus to digital ones via scannable QR codes, often linked to contactless ordering and payment systems. We didn’t realize the QR code would become so popular, did we? We always used them to just scan apps.

Digital Menus are hassle-free for the breweries. Every time a new beer or dish is added to the menu, it can be a pain to re-do the whole menu and get it printed.

Nikhil Wahi, Biergarten says, “Post pandemic we only provide digital menus and it is easier, convenient and safe. Our entire staff was trained about the application and its operational procedures by the companies who are hosting our menus. The employees did pick it up fast. They are happy that this made their lives easier.”

Happy Customers?


“On health as a perspective, the more we try to minimise person-to-person contact the better it is. Keeps the staff and the customers safe, since the orders can be placed directly and the staff just has to deliver the food to the tables. But, what about people who don’t use smartphones, or what about the elderly who aren’t very tech savvy and don’t know how to place orders by scanning a QR code? I mean for those of us who are tech-abled itself we need to scroll and figure out how to place an order and pay,” says Cheryl Braggs, a regular Brewery visitor.

“Also, does digitalisation of menus mean cutting down on staff? Does this mean more people are headed towards unemployment?,” she adds.

Digital menus were not a thing before the pandemic. Now they are completely into the digital ones with the help of their location partner. “The digital menus are synced with the POS system and the automated KOT system in the location. When a guest orders using the digital menu the order is automatically sent to the bar KOT printer for the order to be processed and simultaneously to the POS system to be added to the bill,” says Nikhil Menon, Co-Director, Mannheim Brews.

When asked about the customer response, he said, “It’s a mixed response, while some guests prefer to use the digital menu mainly due to the pandemic, many guests still prefer a menu and a waiter to take the order because it’s more personal and they can clarify any queries they may have about the items on the menu.”

Bartender’s life made easy


“The Digital menu has helped us a lot in terms of storing, the wear and tear of menus. It is the digital version of the paper menu but much better. While standard menu cards are a static presentation of all the items in a fancy design, Digital menu is attractive as well as interactive and they are easy to change,” said Arati Mestry, Bar Manager, 7Rivers Brewing Co.

It is challenging because some guests don’t want to go digital as they prefer it the old school way. Some of them are grateful about keeping in mind the pandemic,” she added.

The digitalisation of the menus and payment has its own pros and cons but for now, let us get used to the same until there are zero Covid cases registered in India.