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This Hack Can Make Your Light Beer Taste Extra Delicious!

You’ve seen bartenders drop olives into martinis before. But how about adding a pickle to your glass of beer?

The Internet’s favourite beer hack claims that tossing a pickle into a light beer just minutes before bringing it to your lips can give it a nice flavourful kick.

The fermentation process has a lot to do with this, as well as the complementary flavour theory: it’s true you can enhance the flavour of pretty much anything by adding some kind of fermented flavour element (such as pickles or olives). Fruit like olives and pickles are usually left to ferment for long hours in a solution of vinegar and salt – and it is these notes that come together really well to give you that boost of flavour. It’s the same reason why salty foods like fries and pretzels make such great snacks to pair with your beer.

It’s important to note though: this hack is not meant to be tried out on your favourite IPA or stout. Save it for when you’re craving a more artisanal-level brew when all you have access to is a light American lager.

Just remember that when you add the pickle, your beer is going to spend some time fizzing and foaming before it’s ready to drink, so make sure you use a glass that’s big enough!

It’s really a great way to make use of some leftover pickles you have left lying around. In fact, if you really want to up your game, go ahead and add a splash of pickle juice to your glass!

29 July 2020
Editorial-Brewer World