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Roxie – India’s First And Largest Italian-Themed Crafthouse Is Here

In the heart of Bengaluru, India’s first and largest crafthouseRoxie has taken flight. This Italian-themed crafthouse is every whimsical, hopeless romantic’s dream come true. Roxie is born from the love and passion of Pravesh Pandey, Ajai Satnur, Venkatesh Prabhu and Vishnu Priya.

With the establishment’s inspiration lying in the story of an Italian adventurer who journeyed around the world to share stories and her family’s traditional recipes while picking up local cuisines and preparations from distant shores, our culinary team has a vivid platter to play with. Whether it is in the finely-decked kitchen where we craft a gastronomical experience or it is the play on obscure local cuisines or an unconventional spin on crowd favourites, the crafthouse is a haven that inspires and satiates epicurean fantasies.

The culinary trio at Roxie is led by Chef Vivek Pawar – a savant in melding culture, history and traditions which has helped him helm teams at India’s first Cambodian restaurant and first plated Sattvic restaurant.

Amongst their expansive curation of delicacies, you simply cannot miss Korean Garlic Bread, which comes straight from the streets of Seoul with its buttery soft Korean-style pull-apart brioche bun filled with Philadelphia cream cheese and garlic butter. Also, Genovese Star Pizza, Chicken Larb Gai, Ricardo Caprese, Samurai Scotch Eggs, Asian Nachos, Spiced Florets, and Mandarin Asparagus Dumplings are crowd-pleasers and have enchanted taste buds.

At Roxie, no celebrations are complete without a scintillating cocktail – a whiff of romance, a tinge of desire, every soiree finds its voice through the magical potions that held the establishment’s inspiration, Roxie, in good stead through her escapades. Imbued with the ingenuity and flair of master mixologist, the award-winning Karthik Kumar, Roxie boasts of a selection of cocktails that would put the beverage Gods to shame. With every cocktail seeking thrill and a bit of renegade spirit in you, Camomillia – an amalgam of gin, chamomile, basil, mint, lime and quinine – and Musa Daiquiri – a tiki combination of light rum, banana cordial, ananas, cinnamon and citrus – are especially heart-throbs. Add to that, Octane, Tell Camellia, Green Fairie Sorbet, Tom Yum on the rocks, and Jasmine Negroni, and you have a curation of artisanal cocktails worth leaving all your worries aside for.

All of this old-world charm, magic and nostalgia is brought to life in a 35,000 sqft. palatial mansion spread across three floors with every shade of Roxie capturing a different mood. With large halls, high ceilings and an extravagant mood that speaks the mind of Roxie’s carefree yet elegant persona, the main dining hall reflects the opulence with plush sofa seating with the showstopper of a grand stone-cladded bar adorning the focal point of the room. Ideal for connoisseurs of fine spirits and cocktails, it is easy to lose yourself in the colonial architecture of the ground floor. The open courtyards and gardens house laughter and memories under green foliages and massive trees hosting Sunday brunches and evening sundowners. The first floor is a plush crafthouse serving a never-seen-before 16 craft brews from the crème-de-la-crème of brewers of the city with patina-coloured ornamental fabrication with stunning European balconies overlooking the serene gardens outside. The rooftop is a quiet section allowing our guests to enjoy candle-light dinners and where we hope to see love bloom under the starry skies. Add to that, our patisserie creates the quintessential Italian cafe vibe with artisanal teas and coffees with French pastries, breads and Venetian cookies. 

In a city as fast-paced as Bengaluru, Roxie hopes to become the place where time comes to rest and our guests experience an Italian mansion crafted to create memories which teleports them to a comfortable European setting where great food from different parts of the world meets lively service and fine craftsmanship reflecting in brews and cocktails.

In the words of Pravesh Pandey, one of the visionaries behind this grand venture – “In 2003, I was working on a cruise ship as a maitre de. While doing the world cruise of 90 days, I met Roxie Cattaneo, who was an Italian guest. She was fond of me and the love was the same from my side. Over the next 3 months, she taught me many life lessons, and showed me the value of relationships and people. For me, crafting memories to make the world a happier place is the core mission at Roxie. This is my way of giving back happiness to this world with opulence and aplomb. Roxie is an ode to the lady who transformed many lives, including mine, and it is my hope to share her story with the world. In her stories, lived several characters, coloured by the personalities of her friends, companions and acquaintances through several adventures across the globe, and these stories culminate in India’s first and largest crafthouse inspired by renditions of recipes she had picked up from her travels and her traditional family preparations.”

Amongst reasons to visit this stunning establishment, Roxie is the only craft house in the country which has a unique setup of Italian cobra taps hung from the ceiling and is distinctly designed to serve 16 craft brews which is the maximum variety one can offer. Trailblazer to say the least, this outlet hopes to serve the city’s finest craft brews made from authentic hops, magical recipes and madcap ingredients. 

Every moment spent at Roxie is an experience of sharing conversations and a lovingly-crafted space with people who appreciate the finer things in life. This panache for partaking in stories is why we treat Roxie as a crafthouse where we continue our legacy of crafting memories. With 16 craft brews, 16 artisanal cocktails and over 160 gastronomical fantasies, often secret and personal, laid out in the open for you to revel in, the establishment crafts a safe haven where epicurean fantasies are met, remembrance for a lifetime is etched, and celebrations are made eternal in an ambience worth losing yourself in.