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Healthy Workplace Certification-Preparing Breweries For Post-COVID-19

4 months ago, people were making plans to head out, meet friends, drink beer and celebrate the little and big things in life. That’s no longer possible today thanks to coronavirus, at least for the moment.

Our grudging, but voluntary isolation has also led to an uncertain future for brewers on how consumption habits of beer-drinkers will change after this crisis. After all, social distancing as a concept goes directly against the core essence of beer business, national and global.

What can breweries do in this regard? How can they better prepare for reconnecting with customers? Thanks to Qube, India’s most respected Workplace Healthcare Management Company that works across ten industries to help make “healthcare simple”, here are a few steps to consider:

1. COVID-19 Screening

2. Daily Employee Health – Symptoms check web app

3. Physical Health Check (FSSAI Compliant)
– Respiratory
– Eyes
– Skin
– Blood

4. Vaccinations (FSSAI Compliant)
– Hepatitis B + Typhoid

5. Medical Certificates
– COVID-19 screening
– Medically fit

6. Mystery Audits (for annual plans)

How Does It Work?

  • Schedule a HWC testing for your brewery or restaurant by talking to your QubeHealth – Enterprise Healthcare Manager.
  • Tests are conducted either on-site (place of work) or at the home of the employee (subject to government restrictions)
  • All reports are from NABL or ICMR accredited labs within 48 hrs
  • On-site sanitisation is also available

QubeHealth is India’s most respected, Workplace Healthcare Management company. With over 11,000 hospitals, clinics and diagnostics centers as partners, Qube helps employers effectively manage Employee Health, while reducing healthcare costs. Over 100 enterprises across India are already working with QubeHealth.


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