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Masters of Flavour

Michael Feil

During the brewing process, brewers are faced with some issues that need special attention for resolving.

Due to seasonal fluctuations in grain and hop crop, the beer’s taste might be subjected to slight differences.

They need a standard variety of beer, malt and hop extracts that can be causing the characteristic taste, the typical flavour and the special colour of the applications. With those natural high quality products, brewers are able to keep taste at the same desired level.

Another typical brewing-issue is the maturing process. There is nothing like a freshly drafted beer, but it needs big efforts and high quality ingredients to make. Moreover, genuine notes of wooden barrels with a range of different oak wood extracts are needed to provide this quality.

Most of the problems faced by brewers looking for high quality produce can be resolved by Destilla, a German supplier of botanical extracts, distillates, flavours and other ingredient specialities.

Founded in 1969, Destilla’s main business is divided into two parts. One division supplies the foodstuff and beverage industry especially with flavours, distillates and extracts. The second provides other hand flavour compounds, botanical extracts and other semi-manufactured products to the flavour industry. With our expertise in extraction processes, the ability of product matchings and good R&D work, Destilla supports brewers right from the initial product idea up to development and production as well as after-sales service. ISO 22000, HACCP, organic, kosher and halal requirements are considered as integral parts of our product philosophy.

Co-operation with universities and technical institutes on research projects enables Destilla to continually expand its skills and knowledge in new processing technologies. Our continuous growth during the last 15 years with an average of ten percent p.a. has led to several investments and company expansions. Now the next step will be to set up a new site to expand our productive capacity, beginning in early 2017.

Flavoured beers are getting more and more popular. Awarding great taste to your beers, Destilla has a wide variety of flavours, starting from herbal to fruity and up to exotic tastes. Whether typical beer mixes like shandy or innovative beer mixes such as “Strawbeerita”, “Dark Deer” or “Ginger Honey”, we are able to provide almost every kind of taste enabling our clients to market unique products.

Products for the beer-industry:

  • Beer, malt and hop extracts
  • Oak wood extracts
  • Citrus, berry, energy, exotic flavoursand others

Destilla’s processing technologies:

  • Vacuum flavour concentration
  • Low-pressure extraction and high pressure processes
  • Vacuum distillation and column rectification
  • Reverse-osmosis processes
  • Nano-and micro-filtration

How Destilla’s products help brewers

The main focus of Destilla is providing tailor-made solutions for every kind of drink or food application. Experts with a good feel for new trends develop individual products and recipes to suit the customers’ requirements. Our projects close only after our customers’ confirmation full satisfaction.

The multinational team of flavourists and application technologists knows the different taste preferences in our sales territories and can therefore create individual products for each application in all our markets. Of course, our customers can also choose products from our wide standard portfolio. With its high level in customer care and flexibility Destilla can guarantee short sampling- and delivery-times.

We insist upon sourcing the world’s best raw materials. So, if spices from Middle East or exotic fruits from Latin America, only the best natural ingredients are good enough to stand the tests of our strict quality controls. Particular attention is paid to the sustainability of all supplied raw materials.

These points make us different from our competitors according to our claim “The essence of nature”.

Individuality and Innovation:

  • Tailor-made formulations and developments
  • Strong botanical extract expertise
  • High-quality products based on natural raw materials

Destilla’s plan to enter the Indian market

Destilla wants to enter the Indian market with a strong on-site partner. With our branch offices, for example in Australia, China and USA, we have reliable partners that are close to our customers and their needs. In India we started cooperating with company CFB Consulting, based in Gurgaon, India, and Strullendorf, Germany.

India is a very important market for Destilla since we estimate a very big potential. With our on-site contacts and capabilities we consider good business opportunities there. We are able to offer products that let companies stand out from their competitors in all kinds of taste.

Destilla wants to take the next step in its nearly 50 years of expertise. Beside the construction of our new customer centre “R&D and Application” as well as the production area “Flavours and Compounds” in 2017, we will set a historic milestone with the entrance in the Indian market.