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Making Beer Brewing More Flexible And Efficient Along With Smart Financing

The beer and brewing industry have been flourishing in India, with both new and old breweries catering to a growing pool of beer enthusiasts across the country. As exciting as this is for breweries and master brewers, they also have several challenges on their hands.

Breweries must adapt to a changing market that is being served by an increasing number of new providers. To survive and succeed, breweries need to expand their portfolios while continuing to be cost-efficient and in line with the highest quality standards. To enable this, they must upgrade and adopt modern technologies and solutions to be able to respond quickly, flexibly and cost-efficiently to current market demands, with no loss of quality.

Greater performance and transparency in the brewing and beverage industry

The market for beer products and the brewing industry are characterised by steep pricing and competitive pressures. In addition, effects of social and economic upheavals in the market often make it difficult to predict demand cycles. To overcome these challenges, breweries have to reduce their production costs and increase the efficiency of the brewing process. Production downtimes and beer wastage must be avoided by detecting process errors and eliminating them instantly.

To meet these challenges, specific Process automation systems are a must. The state-of-the-art brewery process control system, BRAUMAT V8 from Siemens, transforms the brewing process for breweries of all sizes that are looking to grow and adapt to evolving market requirements. This process control system ensures high transparency, improved flexibility and optimum quality through the effective management of recipe-controlled processes. BRAUMAT® V8 is a highly scalable solution that can be extended from microbreweries to industrial breweries. In any case your given investment in BRAUMAT will be secured for further expansions even after years.

Attractive financing solutions, offered by Siemens Financial Services, help you to make investments even in economically difficult situations and thus to remain competitive.

Flexible financing solutions for breweries to implement BRAUMAT V8

Having the latest technology to enhance your brew production can bring exciting possibilities for your brewery. Customised financing solutions by Siemens Financial Services enable you to acquire and implement the all new Braumat V8, without having to dip into your cash reserves.

Our innovative range of finance solutions remove the need for you to use your capital to make upfront payments. These solutions can be customised according to your cash flow requirements and can be tailored to incorporate any additional machinery and technology, along with BRAUMAT.

You get all the benefits of enhanced recipe-control and higher flexibility immediately, while paying for the technology comfortably over time without making a huge upfront investment.

  • Implement BRAUMAT V8 easily, without a big investment
  • Start gaining the benefits from it, while paying in affordable instalments

Get access to an additional line of credit & conserve your liquidity for other uses.

BRAUMAT Highlights

Do you want to know how your brewery can benefit from Siemens’ technology and financing solutions? Get in touch with our team here.