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Smart solutions for breweries and craft breweries 

Pure taste, real joy in a glass and authentic too – that is how beer fans all over the world describe craft beers. Every glass reflects the passion and creativity of those who make it, the art of brewing and the complexity of the ingredients. To allow brewers to concentrate on what really matters, Doehler offers integrated solutions to the brewing industry which make it very easy to achieve high quality beers.

Brewers need cost-efficient solutions to increase brewing capacity or optimizing beer quality and microbiological quality control. They can always do with more and newer product ideas and natural ingredients for innovative beer mixes. Natural mixes have the best flavors, and products derived from fresh fruits and vegetables add pure flavors to the beer. In addition, they need smart ingredients and ingredient systems which allow efficient brewing processes and provide easy, safe and cost-effective solutions for microbiological quality control.

Doehler is a global producer and provider of technology-driven natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry. It offers a broad product portfolio of natural ingredients. These are ranging from flavors, colors, health and nutrition ingredients, cereal ingredients, dairy and dairy-free ingredients, specialty ingredients, dry ingredients, fruit & vegetable ingredients as well as ingredient systems. This integrated ingredient portfolio comes to the brewer with a world class support in the development of innovative beverages.

Naturalness is a Driving Force, the Same holds true for the alcoholic beverage Industry.

As a consequence, beer mixes with juice content have become a strong trend all over the world. But not every juice concentrate is suited for beer mixes. Mixing conventional juice concentrates with beer can cause precipitation and sedimentation, thus creating a visual impairment to the end product. Through intensive research and development, Doehler has developed a range of clear fruit juice concentrates designed specifically for beer mixes. A stable color/consistency and no sedimentation are the main characteristics of this particular range.

Using natural ingredients, some brands have demonstrated a high level of expertise in flavors and natural flavor extracts for decades. The broad range of flavors open up versatile new tastes and experiences for innovative beer mixes. Doehler, for instance, offers the brewing industry a comprehensive portfolio of natural colors, coloring concentrates and natural color extracts.


Cereal and malt ingredients for greater efficiency in breweries

Cereal and malt ingredients are characterized by distinct taste profiles and are valuable nutritional building blocks for foods and beverages. For example, Doehler has developed “sour wort” which allows breweries to produce premium beers in consistent quality easily. It reduces the pH value of mash and wort naturally and significantly increases the beer’s drinkability and taste stability. Also in non-alcoholic beers, the sour wort ensures a fresh and full taste, thus opening up unique inspirations for a completely new generation of soft drinks.

In addition to simplifying the beer preparation process, premium wort concentrates need to be specifically tailored to the needs of the modern brewing process. They need to display comparable properties to those of conventionally produced wort, to ensure a fast and reliable production of premium and special beers. By using diverse raw materials such as wheat or barley malt and a variety of process technologies, the wort concentrates can be implemented for numerous purposes in beer production. With the help of Doehler’s wort concentrates, the brewing capacity can be increased without cost-intensive investments, and a wide range of beer types can be brewed with minimal effort.

Doehler’s Brewers QCheck® Kit contains everything needed to microbiologically control and ensure the safety of the entire brewing process all the way to filling.

The easy way to reliable beer quality

Craft and microbreweries are always looking for safe and ready-to-use media for the cultural detection of microorganisms in many applications for the beverage industry. What they need are the most
cost effective and accurate set of solutions that allow them to test the purity and chemical composition of the beer being produced.

Doehler’s Brewers QCheck® Kit contains everything needed to microbiologically control and ensure the safety of the entire brewing process all the way to filling.

The ready-to-use culture media allows analyzing all raw materials as well as production and dispensing units without expert knowledge or expensive laboratory equipment. The culture media in this Kit are instant and easy to use-a clear color change indicates whether harmful microorganisms are present. One of the biggest needs of the brewery industry in India is innovative solutions that allow the enterprise to reach the highest quality without compromising on time and cost. Innovating takes the front seat to meet these objectives, and a partner who can help innovate is an asset. A support partner who can provide the entire excellence package for beer quality – ranging from market intelligence, trend monitoring, the development of innovative products and product applications, advice on food safety and microbiology, all the way to food law as well as Sensory and Consumer Science, is a bigger asset! The mission statement-“WE BRING IDEAS TO LIFE”- briefly describes Doehler’s holistic, strategic and entrepreneurial approach to innovation; this could be the partner you are looking for.

21 February 2019
Editorial-Brewer World